Calm your nerves and get rid of stress in just a few minutes!

With such a complex mechanism of our society, we often experience stress. Life doesn’t spare anyone. And we all know that stress is cause number one for many diseases. Learn to calm down.

Relieve stress and calm nerves for just a few minutes! But is it possible? Hmm… Some will probably think that this is another fabrication, which has no use. But now you will find out that this is possible, because you can test this immediately. All you need are 2 nuts.

This is a great medical solution for all those who, from time to time, experience nervous tension.

The method will act immediately – we’ll do a palm massage using the nuts. Many of us know that our palms contain active points that correspond to the internal organs. Pressing them, we can get rid of various diseases!

It is very pleasant to feel the touch of walnut shell on the palms. This natural material cannot be compared with any other acupuncture massage.

Exercises that will calm you quickly

  1. Take two walnuts in each palm and make circular motions.
  2. Put the nuts in the middle of the palm, gently press the palm with the other palm, and make circular motions.
  3. Gently massage peaks of your small fingers on both hands.

These exercises are a great way to help the rapid easing in an extreme situation. Check this method, and be sure to share it with your friends.

Calm yourself with a five minute massage of fingers

If you’re one of those who lead an active lifestyle, supersaturated by stressful situations; cannot find free time for professional massage, then we can help you.

We suggest five-minute massage of fingers which you can perform at any time, any place, at home, at work, on travel.

It is simple and gives the maximum positive effect for a minimum period of time. Massaging the fingers you relax tense muscles, will be more capable and happier.

Process of massage

Exercise 1

Catch the little finger with your thumb and forefinger, and gently shake it to remove muscle tension. Then, as you feel it pleasant, turn the little finger in a clockwise direction. After 10 seconds, change direction. After that, do the same exercise with your other fingers on the hand.Calm your nerves and get rid of stress in just a few minutes!

Exercise 2

By pressing the root of each finger, you can cause an increase in life tone. At the end of the thumb is placed the reflex zone related to the lungs. By acting on it you will help to free up the airways and nasal cavity.

Exercise 3

Squeeze your hand into a fist, but so that there remains an empty space inside to place thumb of the other hand. Squeeze your fist firmly and pull the thumb gently, as if trying to stretch. Then do the same with the other fingers.

Exercise 4

At the end of massage shake your palms. It is necessary to feel the warmth and relaxation of palms.

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