Lack of vitamins and minerals: Reason for fatigue and poor concentration

Tired, depressed… Perhaps you lack some vitamin! Lack of different vitamins causes numerous symptoms.

Despite the most people trying to improve the diet, to eat healthy, experts agree that many are lacking the vitamins and minerals necessary for vitality. Here we reveal symptoms of vitamins / minerals lack, and ways to compensate the lack with nutrition.

Lack of vitamins and minerals:  Reason for fatigue and poor concentration

Lack of Iron causes Fatigue

If you feel chronic fatigue, you’re probably lacking iron.

Other symptoms that you may feel are: poor concentration, poor appetite, and poor skin. But also dark circles under the eyes.

Good sources of iron are red meat, eggs and green vegetables. But you must enter vitamin C, because it helps the absorption of iron. The good idea is to drink lemon or orange juice with a meal.

Lack of Zinc causes Sensitive Skin

If you are lacking zinc your skin would be very sensitive. Other symptoms that you’re noticing are slowly healing of wounds and white spots on the nails.

Good sources of zinc are nuts, seeds, whole grains, sardines and red meat. So eat more of these foods.

Lack of Vitamin B12 causes Painful Tongue

If you often feel pain in your tongue, and it seems to you swollen, then you’re suffer from insufficiency of vitamin B12. Also, your skin around the mouth and nose would be dry.

Good sources of vitamin B12 are milk, eggs and rice.

Lack of Vitamin D causes Pain in the Back and Legs

Less vitamin D than you need will cause pain in the back and legs. Also you’ll feel pain it the hips and difficulty moving.

Sunbathing and staying outdoors will encourage supplying with vitamin D. So go out and catch some sunlight.

Lack of Selenium causes Frequent Infections

If you suffer from frequent infections, you probably need more selenium. Other symptoms characteristic for lacking selenium are often illness and pain.

Good sources of selenium are nuts, garlic, eggs and mushrooms. Try to include more of these foods in your diet.

Lack of Magnesium causes Anxiety

Anxiety is common for magnesium insufficiency in your body, but also irritability and nervousness.

In this case, you should eat more spinach, almonds and whole grain bread, because these foods are rich in magnesium.

Lack of Vitamin A causes Mouth ulcers (aphthae)

If you have problem with painful mouth ulcers, could be possible that you need more vitamin A. Also, other symptoms are frequent colds, dandruff, and dehydrated skin. So pay attention to all these symptoms.

It wouldn’t be bad that you eat more food that is rich in vitamin A, such as liver, eggs, cheese and yogurt.

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