Lose 10% of body weight with 4 simple changes in daily routine

The famous Dr. Oz claims that people who are overweight have the best results if lose 10% of body weight. Losing weight may seem like something difficult and complicated, but now gets easier.

Weight loss of 10% lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar level. This means a lower risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Not to mention that the loss of 10 % of body weight increase your energy and self-confidence.

Here are four simple changes that can be helpful in achieving this goal.

Lose 10% of body weight with 4 simple changes in daily routine

Cut out fizzy drinks and drink more of fresh, filtered water

It is best to start with the old, good, natural H₂O, commonly known as water. If you drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal, you will have better digestion. The consumption of water increases calorie consumption. If you replace sweetened drinks such as fizzy drinks with freshly squeezed fruit juices and unsweetened organic teas, you’ll significantly accelerate the process of losing unwanted pounds.

Consume dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa 4 to 5 times a week

Yes, yes, chocolate: raw, organic (with at least 70% cocoa). New studies show that consumption of organic dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa is the base of weight loss. The results of the study led by Beatrice Golomb MD, showed that participants who ate dark chocolate had better results losing weight than those who did not consume it.

Do not be sloppy

One of the key tips for effective weight loss is to pay attention to all the details. Be consistently in all activities, regardless of whether it comes to preparing breakfast, walking, vacuuming the house and the like. Each activity produces results. Studies have shown that the housewives who looked the housekeeping like the exercise was successful in keeping the weight; as they approached the job with greater energy, thus losing more calories. Even the most ordinary daily routine can help you burn excess calories.

Good night’s sleep will help you lose weight

For some people this can be a challenge simply because you do not pay enough attention to sleep and renewing of energy. You may see it as routine, not a priority. However, sleep has many health benefits, ranging from stress relief, over restoring power till losing weight. Simply when our body is full of energy it burns fat and calories more quickly.

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