Best sources of protein: These foods will accelerate the weight loss

If you want to lose weight in a healthy and natural way, you need to take in enough protein. Foods that are the best sources of protein take longer to digest, and therefore you’ll burn more calories. Also, thanks to the protein, the longer you will have the feeling of satiety.

The following ten foods accelerate the weight loss process itself, while at the same you will never feel hungry.

Best sources of protein: These foods will accelerate the weight loss

Almonds as one of the best sources of protein

You should eat raw almonds every day. Not baked nor salted, just raw. Since only 2 oz. (about fifty grams) a day is enough, so you won’t feel hungry between meals. Almonds are rich in protein and reduce the desire for unhealthy snacks and sweets.

Pumpkin seeds

From all the oil crops, pumpkin seed is at the top of its abundance of zinc, magnesium and iron. Nibbling just a half-hand of seeds, you provide 28% of the daily requirement for iron, 52% of manganese, 46% magnesium, 17% protein and 17% zinc. They are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Consume them in the morning combined with oat (or other grains) to keep you feeling full longer. Thanks to these seeds you won’t be tempted to eat snacks between meals.


Eggs are a great choice for breakfast or lunch, because they give a feeling of satiety, and stabilize the level of blood sugar. They are recommended for people who want to lose excess weight as soon as possible. However, for these purposes, it is best to consume whites of local eggs.


Add a tablespoon of yogurt to cereal, smoothie or consume it alone. Foods rich in protein prevents the decline in blood sugar levels and you will not have the urge for sweets. Of course, avoid yogurts that contain sugar.


Meat of animals which are exclusively fed with grass is rich in proteins, as well as iron. Consume it regularly to ensure you have enough energy for everyday activities.

Oily fish

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the maintenance of blood sugar levels. They are mostly found in sardines and salmon, and other fatty fish species. Regular consumption of foods that are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids “will create” a sense of satiety.


This food is rich in protein and fiber that are responsible for establishment of normal blood sugar levels. Therefore, the longer you feel full, you have no need for sweets and snacks between meals.


Nutritional sauce is ideal in combination with vegetables and whole grains. It is rich in protein and fiber and reduces the feeling of hunger in the afternoon, when you have the greatest need for snacks and sweets.


Quinoa is a South American herb that is called “the gold of the Incas”. It’s one of the oldest seed in the world. It contains no gluten and is an excellent substitute for rice and other grain foods. It contains a large amount of protein and fiber, which will keep you fuller for a long time. If you use it instead of grains, you’ll reduce the intake of carbohydrates in the body. You can eat it in salads, but also in a number of cooked and fried dishes.

Protein powder of brown rice

This is the fastest and easiest way to enter the required amount of protein in the body. Take the protein powder mix with yogurt or milk to create a delicious beverage. Consume it as often as possible to reach the desired goal sooner.


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