Allergy: Natural remedies that will soothe annoying symptoms

Given that there is not a lot of effective remedies against allergy, it’s good to know that natural remedies can at least to some extent, prevent or alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

An allergy occurs as a result of incorrect response of the immune system to certain substances. These substances themselves do not represent a real health hazard. Why is it so? Often we can only speculate. Also it often happens that people, in spite of laboratory analysis, are not entirely sure what specifically caused allergy. Either way, the allergic reaction usually manifests in the form of inflammation which in turn causes a rash, itching, burning, redness of the skin or eyes, sneezing, coughing and even asthma.

Allergy: Natural remedies that will soothe annoying symptoms

The human body can exhibit an allergy to almost anything found in nature. But the most common is so-called seasonal allergic rhinitis that causes allergy to pollen at the time of plant inflorescence. It manifests itself as an inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

First of all, suppressing allergy requires blocking of antibodies. They are generated by entering of small doses of allergens causing allergy. Modern Medicine conducts this immuno-therapy by injecting the people. So they would have less allergic reactions next time they come in contact with allergen. Similarly, natural immuno-therapy (natural remedy) for pollen allergy can be a daily intake of one spoon of honey, a few weeks before flowering plants. The explanation lies in the fact that the honey contains small amounts of pollen that can promptly prepare the body to meet with the allergen and lessen the reaction of the organism.

Nevertheless, if allergy occur, to relieve symptoms is desirable to take as many foods rich in vitamin C. It’s good to know that apples, onions and green tea enhance the effects of vitamin C.

Natural remedies for allergy

  1. Onion and garlic reinforce the immune system and may alleviate the secretion of mucus from the nose and allergic rhinitis. Recently, in Spain, as a natural remedy for allergies is increasingly recommended cold-pressed oil from the onion.
  2. Ginseng also increases immunity but not a bad day to drink a cup of tea from this plant.
  3. For elimination of pollen from the nostrils is well to rinse the nasal cavity in water containing dissolved a little sea salt.
  4. Finally, do not forget that for the treatment of symptoms of allergic rhinitis can help inhalation with hot sage and chamomile tea. The effects are even better if you add a few drops of essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus.

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