Kanji – beverage that melts the pounds! The elixir of beauty and youth!

Kanji is an essential part of a light diet at all Ayurveda clinics. It is conducted with those who are beginning “panchakarma treatment” – a special method of body cleansing.

Brown basmati rice is a real treasury of vitamins and minerals, and has multiple benefits for health.

Especially characteristic drink – kanji is made of this rice. Basically it represents the salty rice water. In ancient Ayurveda is considered the elixir of youth and longevity.

This drink protects the body and returns its balance, and due to good nutritional properties gives the body energy and strength.

Kanji is also an excellent source of energy when the body is dehydrated or exhausted due to illness. In addition to the returning of body’s balance, it encourages digestion, and is an excellent tool for maintaining good digestion and slim body.

Kanji - beverage that melts the pounds! The elixir of beauty and youth!

How to prepare kanji?

This drink is very easy to prepare and you should drink it throughout the day. This is especially true for those who wish to return the slender body.

Preparation: In 3 pints (1 ½ liter) of boiling water put a handful of washed organic basmati rice or brown rice and a pinch of salt if desired. Cook over high heat until the beans are completely soft and lose shape. You can strain the beverage and pour into a thermos to drink throughout the day, because it needs to be warm.

Health benefits of kanji

Kanji brings not only good health, but shows positive effects on the skin of the face and body. It is abundant in amino acids, therefore successfully reduces pores, tightens the skin, stimulates blood circulation; helps the skin to be soft, rejuvenated and radiant.

This “healthy water” is rich in inositol – carbohydrate that helps strengthen hair elasticity and prevents its fraying. With regular use of kanji, hair becomes better and brighter.

Put kanji on cotton pad and it can serve as a cleansing lotion for the face. Because it keeps the epidermis and refreshes complexion. To act as a mask, you should leave it on the face for twenty minutes, and then wash with lukewarm water. You shouldn’t disposed of excess beverage, but add to the bath. It feeds the skin and makes her soft and shine.

Also you can treat hair with rice water. Make warm rice water and apply throughout the length of hair. Then cover with the shower cap. Let it react for half an hour, and rinse with hot water and, if necessary, with a mild shampoo.

This beverage recovers the plants also. At least once a week instead of plain water use kanji for the plants.

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