Herbal baths – Nature gives us herbs for skin elasticity, refreshment and relaxation

Make a natural herbal baths that increase skin elasticity. Also, try baths for refreshment and relaxation.

Ancient beauties like Cleopatra or Poppaea had been very meticulous about their appearance that brought them fame. In order to maintain it the longer, they bathed in milk. At least you can afford natural treatments that have used our great-grandmothers.

Nature is very economical. We just need to take what offers. If you already don’t collect or cultivate medicinal herbs, then you can buy it at affordable prices. From these plants make herbal baths.

Soothing herbal baths have multiple effects: extremely beneficial effect on the skin of the body; through the skin it affects our mood, tone, sleeping … From bouquets of herbs that we propose, select the one you need it most, and indulge in its effect.

Herbal baths - Nature gives us herbs for skin elasticity, refreshment and relaxation

Herbal baths for skin elasticity

Bath of bay leaf

Bath of bay leaf contributes to the elasticity of the skin. Make tea from 2 oz. (50 g) bay leaf and let it rest a while. Pour the liquid in the water filled bath and relax.

Bath of bran

For this bath, you need a pound of bran that you will soak in a cotton bag in hot water; then refill the tub. While lying in the tub, squeeze the bag occasionally. If you want the skin such as Cleopatra and Poppaea had, pour in the bath 2 pints (a liter) of fresh milk. The effect will be – Royal!

Bath of basil, geranium and rosemary

For skin care of the whole body we recommend bathing in the water with healing herbs such as basil, geranium and rosemary. In 2 pints (one liter) of water put a handful of fresh or dried herbs and leave to stand for 3 days. Then drain the liquid and pour into the bath water. You should lie within 20 minutes, and then get shower.

The same effect has bathing in the water in which you add the next liquid: root of basil, geranium and rosemary. You cooked these for 25 minutes in water and then cooled and poured into the bath water.

Herbal baths for refreshment

Refreshment bath of mint

In front of you is the day in which want to keep the freshness of body and mind, or it’s just humid weather, and you want a refreshment. Take the mint and put in a linen bag; then immerse yourself in the bath. Or cook a strong mint tea and pour it into the bathtub. A sufficient amount will be 100 g of dry leaves for a bath. Your freshness will, after only 20 minutes in the tub, take a long time during the day.

Refreshment bath of lavenderHerbal baths - Nature gives us herbs for skin elasticity, refreshment and relaxation

Lavender oil is an ingredient of most expensive cosmetics. When you want to smell mysteriously and irresistibly, add lavender in the bath water. Put into a bath gauze in which is 4 oz. (100 g) of lavender and let your skin absorbs its components at least 15 minutes. Then quickly take a shower with cold water – at least your feet to thighs, rub yourself with a coarse towel or linen towel – and you are ready for night dates, interviews, parties…

Refreshment bath of pine

Save pine twigs that you collect while walking in the woods. For one bath enough would be 7 oz. (200 g) of dry needles in a bag of thick cloth. Bathing in this evergreen, everlasting freshness, is especially healthy for those who felt the first signs of fever and colds; for a healthy person will provide new energy.

Herbal baths for relaxation

Bath of linden

After a hard day or nervous tension of any kind, it would be wonderful to sit under a linden tree; under its broad shady, fragrant treetop. This is unfortunately not always possible, but to feel tranquil, quiet as in the June dusk, do yourself a bath of linden blossom.

Boil linden tea – 100 g flower for 5 pints (3 liters) of water. Leave to stand and add water for bathing. In the bath enter previously showered and relax your eyelids, jaw, neck, shoulders… Let it takes 15-20 minutes, then wipe with soft towel. You’ll be so relaxed that will fall asleep on the way to the bedroom.

Bath of chamomile

Make a strong tea of chamomile flowers. Add the linden flower if want. You need 5 oz. (150 g) of dry flower for 3 pints (2 l) of water. After 20 minutes, strain the tea into the bath, then add water for bathing. Lie down in the tub and relax.

Also, you can put dry flowers in a linen bag that is well bound. Let hot water to pour through and it is a good base for a bath. The effect is the same – has a soothing, relaxing effect, prevents headaches, cleanses the skin and works as deodorant. It is suitable for evening before sleep.

Bath of lemon balm

This is mild, yet so effective bath, after which you will exude the sweet smell of lemon balm. You need 4 oz. (100 g) of dried lemon balm leaf from which you cook the tea. Also you can soak the bag or gauze with herb in the tub. After 20 minutes, the bath is ready. You will relax. For even greater effect, add to the bath 4 tablespoons of honey.


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