Running or jogging – why should you pick these from so many sports?

You might think running and jogging mean the same thing, but in fact they are actually different. The obvious difference between the two is the pace. Jogging is defined as going at a pace of less than 6 mph, while running is defined as anything faster than 6 mph. There are other differences, including how your body burns calories and how your muscles react to the two exercises.

Running or jogging – why should you pick these from so many sports?

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But no matter which of these you pick, you won’t make mistake. Not only that is the simplest among sports, but there are the reasons for picking it.

  1. Running is among the most effective methods of developing cardiovascular health. Since it is a high-intensity exercise, it strongly affects the heart and blood vessels. That means that you can improve physical condition relatively quickly if you train diligently and sensibly.
  2. Running is accessible to all and in all conditions. All you really need is a good pair of running shoes and a safe place where you can run. Eventually a stopwatch, but today almost all cell phones have it. You are not tied to the place and you can continue it without problem when you’re on the road.
  3. Running is inexpensive and easy to learn. In addition to lightweight sneakers and comfortable clothes you already have in your closet, you have no other expenses. Everyone knows how to run, and information and training plans are widely available.
  4. Studies have confirmed that running can have a major role in reducing stress or anxiety. Just 30 minutes of daily “jogging” will make you feel better and keep you from depression.
  5. Running is a very valuable part of a weight loss program. Little activity can spend so many calories in such a short time.

More reasons to pick running

  1. Running is a very flexible method of training. You can set the pace and intensity of exercise by yourself; as well as the time that suits you. And you alone decide whether you practiced alone or in company.
  2. Like almost no other physical activity, running in a short time can significantly raise your self-confidence. But also your opinion about yourself and your mood. If run regularly, a positive impact can only accumulate.
  3. Jogging is for everyone. You don’t have to be skinny, young or athletic. It’s a very individual activity. It is always a struggle with yourself and your own possibilities and limitations. No need to compare yourself with anyone, because every runner has their individual plans and objectives, independent of the others.
  4. The best when it comes to jogging is that you can track your own progress. Every day you will feel how much your body can; are you able to run more of that share than the previous time; are you tired more or less. The effects are instantly noticeable, and it will certainly raise the level of mood and willing to proceed.
  5. Most of the other activities related to fitness takes place indoors, which can sometimes act claustrophobic or depressed. However, when you are running in the fresh air and breathe deeply, it only increases the health benefits of exercise.

Millions and millions of people around the world are running for health, fitness, fun or competition – cannot all be wrong!


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