Chapped lips?! Not anymore! Natural treatments will help!

Chapped and dry lips are just one of the consequences of the cold and windy weather which is still ahead of us. So it would be good to know how to prevent, and treat chapped lips.

Chapped lips are for most people the first sign that winter has arrived and that warm weather is behind us. Head causes of damaged lips are decrease of temperatures; dry air and a large temperature difference between indoor spaces and the exterior.

Chapped lips?! Not anymore! Natural treatments will help!

Although it can be very boring problem, there are many effective ways in the first place to prevent, but also to cure chapped lips. We’ll meet you with preventative care and natural medicine.

Prevention of chapped lips

  1. Vitamins. A deficiency of vitamin B, iron or essential fatty acids can lead to cracking and peeling of the lips. If you do not enter into body enough of these vitamins and minerals through diet, be sure to take supplements.
  2. Water. To avoid dehydration of lips drink large amounts of water during the winter period.
  3. Air humidity. Radiators required containers with water or get appliance for humidifying of air.
  4. Lip Balm. Every day, use a lip balm before lips start chapping and peeling. Pay attention to use a conditioner that has a protection factor of at least SPF 16.
  5. Do not lick, do not chew or harm the lips by teeth. All these very bad habits can lead to ulcers and additional drying of lips.
  6. Choose carefully lipstick. Long-term, dry lipsticks can further dry out the lips so rather choose lipsticks with creamy texture that hydrate.
  7. Avoid eucalyptus and menthol. All products based on these plants further dry lips.

Natural treatments for chapped lips

If you have not prevented the chapped lips timely, try some of the natural treatments that are truly effective.

  • Coconut oil. Softens and moisturizes lips.Chapped lips?! Not anymore! Natural treatments will help!
  • Cucumber. This vegetable will provide water and vitamin C which moisturizes and protects the lips.
  • Aloe vera gel. It contains considerable amounts of collagen; also, elastin and essential oils that are important for faster healing and lips repair.
  • Sebum. The oily substance which is below, and on both sides of the nose is a natural way to hydrate lips. Wash your hands and with your fingers rub both sides of the nose. Then brush the lips with sebum which is on your fingers.

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