Dry brushing of body for incredible results!

No matter how strange it may sound at first, dry brushing of the body has become a trend in skin care and with good reason. The first is of course cellulite.

This is definitely something you need to bring into your routine care, in those little minutes that you devote yourself.

Why is dry brushing of body so important?

At first, brushing is relaxing and also has a beneficial effect on the skin. This removes dead skin cells and helps to develop new. Also, it reduces cellulite, because it improves circulation. In addition brushing helps the skin to better absorb nutrients, so it cleans clogged pores and allows the skin to breathe more easily. This skin brushing promotes a safe, gentle and effective detoxification, relaxes muscles, reduces stress, and you feel awakened.

Also, with this process body fat is distributed evenly; can actually improve digestion and kidney function, and it is essential for lymphatic drainage. Awesome, doesn’t it?

Dry brushing of body for incredible results!

Some of these problems requires time and several months of regular dry brushing (say for cellulite), but it pays off to start as soon as possible.

However, after first brushing you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, your skin will be “awakened” and begin better to “work”. And, after a few months, experts say, you will notice that your thighs and buttocks slimmer.

How to brush your body?

Dry brushing of body for incredible results!

For starters, you need a brush for the body with natural hair (the most practical is the one with a long handle). There are many in the sale and their price is very affordable. (You can look them up in larger supermarkets, but can also serve rougher texture towel or soft brush). Start the brushing (of course dry skin) from the feet with long movements, quickly moving through the legs, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Moves always have to be towards the heart, to encourage the return of blood and lymph flow.

Of course, you’ll give special attention to crisis areas – thighs and buttocks. Interesting is that the whole process takes only 2 to 5 minutes (you can extend to 15 minutes if liked). It is best to brush your skin in the morning. This will wake you up before the morning shower. Just make sure not to be too rough when brushing, so wouldn’t cause redness and irritation. The areas that are already affected by cellulite brush 5 minutes and after 4 to 5 months will see concrete results. The process is a long, but it is completely natural and effective.

Thereafter take a shower, best hot-cold combination and heavily lubricate nourishing oils and moisturizing creams. Wash the brush with soap and water and leave it on airy place to dry.

If haven’t already tried this method of fighting against cellulite, stop waiting and take action!

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