Hops for health! But could beer be the cure?!

Hops are plant that we mostly know as one of the main ingredients of worldwide favorite beverage – beer. In addition, hops are very healthy, and we’ll present you the purposes which these can also be used.

If you have ever heard that beer is healthy, then you should know that this is somewhat true; but only because it contains a very healthy ingredient – hops. Hop is used as a homeopathic remedy for many years. But it’s most effective in treating insomnia, menstrual problems and digestive problems. Here’s what you need to know about hops.

Hops in treatment of insomnia

All those who suffer from insomnia can have many benefits of hops. It’s because this plant has a sedative effect and therefore it was remedy long before people began to use it in the production of beer. To cope with insomnia you can use hop in several different ways.

You should put the hop flowers inside a pillowcase just below the head; but you can also drink tea made from it or taking supplements. On the positive side, if you fall asleep with the help of these plants next morning you won’t be heavy and lethargic unless hops didn’t enter through the large quantities of beer. In severe forms of insomnia, experts advise that a tincture, tea or supplements of this plant take with other plants and substances that have a calming effect, such as valerian or melatonin.

Hops help with indigestion and menstrual problems

Hop has a very long history of use in the treatment of many digestive problems such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, but also bloating and gas. If you combine hops with the mint you can get a very effective medicament and permanently improve digestion.

Hop has a proven estrogen effect. Therefore it can help women who have problems with painful and irregular menstrual periods. Tea made from hops, which is especially good for these cases will facilitate painful cramps and reduce the heat waves that many women experience during menopause.

Hops for health and happiness! But could beer be the cure?!

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Hops solve problems with kidney stones, but also skin problems

If you’ve already had problems with kidney stones that can cause very severe pain you may want to consider taking supplements based on hops. Excess of calcium in the body causes stones in the kidney. Hops lower calcium levels and thus helps prevent the formation of stones.

When it comes to skin problems hop is most effective in the treatment of ulcers, advancing their faster healing and the treatment of very dry and chapped skin. Also it is very effective in problems with poor circulation and varicose veins.

Rich source of antioxidants

Research shows hops contain considerable concentration of antioxidants, just like in wine. Antioxidants are the strongest fighters against free radicals that are the main causes of the symptoms of aging and the formation of cancerous diseases.

German brewers are leading to this fact created “anti-cancer beer” with larger quantities of hops. Also, it has been proven that by drinking beer our body consume more antioxidants than by drinking red wine.

Does beer contain enough hops to be healthy?

We believe that many beer drinkers want to know the answer to this question. In most cases, beer with high content of hop is quite healthy for the body, especially due to the antioxidants. But of course, moderately enjoy it.

On the other hand you need to know that some people are more sensitive to hops. To some people it would be of great help while others will not notice any changes.

Safety precautions

Just as with many other natural remedies, there are certain risks that come with the consumption of hop. The experts warn that excessive amounts of hops can worsen the symptoms you are trying to cure. For example, if you take an overdose of supplements on the basis of hop, instead regulating digestion it can upset your stomach, because large amounts cause excessive secretion of stomach acid. Also too many hops can disrupt the menstrual cycle rather than dispel problems.

Make sure you don’t take hop supplements if after that have to drive or operate certain machines. We not recommend it for pregnant women and nursing mothers because the use in these cases is not sufficiently studied. If you are prone to depression should also avoid using hop.

While it can be very effective for many conditions that we previously mention, before you choose to use supplements, tea or any other product on the basis of these plants (except beers) must consult with the doctor who will give clear guidance.


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