Stew with beef meat. Delicious and tasty!

Stew with beef meat. Delicious and tasty!

Necessary ingredients for this meal, for 4 people are:

1 kg of beef from the leg, 6 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, 2 bay leaves, oil, 2 tablespoons paprika, 1 tablespoon ground chili peppers, 1 medium-size carrot, 1 liter of tomato juice ( domestic), 1 l of water.

Stew with beef meat. Delicious and tasty!

Weight preparation of lunch – easy

Preparation time for stew with beef meat  – 120 minutes.

Preparing going during the following:

  1. The meat should be thoroughly washed. Chop him into cubes of medium size. When cutting do not remove anything from the eventual vessels or fat on meat. Meat postponed but not in the refrigerator, but keep it  covered in the colder part of the kitchen or the workplace.
  2. Onions well cleaned and finely chop. Blessed with salt, stir and place to start preparations.
  3. Garlic cleaned and just before adding to the dish mash or finely chop, as you prefer.
  4. Carrots cleaned and shredded just before adding to the dish.

Stew prepared as follows:

In a large saucepan, heat the oil goods. Add onion and cook, with regular stirring, for about 20 minutes.  Taking care that the meat does not burn. I wait to become brownish, that after the piece looks like a fried because of the sweetness that such treatment leaves your meal. If necessary, topped up them with hot water.

When the onion is finely fried, Add prepared meat, pepper, bay leaf, finely chopped garlic and stir.

Fry until the meat changes color from all sides.

Add ground cayenne pepper and fry briefly.

Add the tomato juice and water, season to taste. Therefore, cover and cook on medium heat for about an hour.

Stew with beef meat will be delicious and tasty!


Note that the onion does not get dark color in the first 5 minutes, because it alters the flavor is absolutely full of stew.

Pleasant lunch!

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