Strong nails: Hot oil manicure at home

If your nails are dry and breakable, you should treat them with hot oil manicure. After this treatment, your cuticles will be soft, smooth and clean, and your nails will become strong and healthy.

This manicure doesn’t have to be expensive treatment, available only in professional beauty salons. Here is a quick, easy and smart way to do hot oil manicure at home.

Strong nails: Hot oil manicure at home

How to do a hot oil manicure

The ingredients you need for this treatment:

  • A mixture of castor oil and sunflower oil
  • Almond oil
  • Vitamin E oil and olive oil
  • Teatree oil (it has excellent antibacterial properties)
  • The capsules of vitamin E

Preparation and applying:

Combine all ingredients (except capsules) and warm the mixture for about 30 seconds in the microwave. Then, subsequently add vitamin E capsules (broken and turned into dust) to the mixture of oil. Make sure it is not too hot.

Before you lightly soak nails in a mixture of oil, shape them well with a rasp and cut if desired. Then dive the nails gently in the oil and keep them in the mixture until it is completely cool. If you enjoyed this treatment, warm the mixture again in the microwave (not more than 20 seconds) and repeat the process. Do not repeat the procedure more than twice during a single treatment because of the possibility to burn your hands.

Take a mixture of oil and gently massage your entire wrist and hand. When manicure is done, wash your hands with plain water, wipe them with a clean towel and apply moisturizing lotion.

You can do hot oil manicure twice a week before bedtime.

Advantages of hot oil manicure

If you regularly apply hot oil manicure, it will prevent the fast aging of your nails. This is the most important advantage of hot oil manicure. Also, by massaging the skin with a mixture of oil, you actually use acupressure technique to improve blood circulation and therofore the health of your hand skin.

Manicure hot oil will clean your nails and remove easily the cuticles. Afterwards the nails will grow faster and be stronger. Also, very significant is that this manicure will improve the flexibility of both the wrists and hands.

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