LCHF meals: 7 days diet program

This diet program consists of perfectly balanced LCHF meals for 7 days. Purchase the necessary ingredients for all days and you will not think about next meal at least 7 days. This varied menu will allow you to eat tasty and healthy. Stick to it strictly with no snacks, candies and other foods that are not allowed by rules of LCHF diet.

LCHF meals: 7 days diet program

LCHF Diet program for 7 days

Start the diet on Monday because it could have greater psychological impact on your commitment. Every day before breakfast drink glass of water with squeezed half lemon.


For Breakfast eat kefir with flaxseeds and omelet with mushrooms and peppers. Then for Lunch prepare vegetable soup (broccoli and cauliflower) and eat it before grilled beef steak and grilled vegetable (broccoli and cauliflower). Dinner could consist of pancakes made of eggs and zucchini.


For Breakfast eat LCHF bread, cream, beef jerky and sliced cucumber. Then, for Lunch make meat stew and eat with salad, which will consist of tomato, red onion, red bell pepper, basil and few drops of olive oil. For Dinner, I suggest grilled blew fish (mackerel) with salad (spinach, grated carrot and rocket with lemon juice).


Eat for Breakfast kefir with chia seeds and omelet with sausages. Then for Lunch try kale soup and turkey sticks with avocado sauce. And for Dinner something that I always enjoy – egg salad with bacon.

Another half of week


Since avocado is my favorite food, I suggest for Breakfast eggs with avocado and cup of nuts. Then for Lunch take steamed vegetables (cabbage, leek and celery leafstalks), roast pork and tomato salad. For Dinner is ideal chicken salad.


Breakfast on Friday should consist of kefir with flaxseeds and LCHF pizza. Then for Lunch you can eat roast ground meat (beef or pork) with zucchini and eggplant with tomato salad. Nice suggestion for Dinner would be shrimp salad.


For Breakfast eat spinach omelet with salad (tomato, cucumber, red onion, cheese cubes). Then you can prepare for Lunch baked fish fillets (catfish) and steamed green beans with carrots. For salad take lettuce with lemon. Nice Dinner would be chicken fillets with asparagus and cabbage salad.


Another idea for Breakfast can be baked salmon fillet with lettuce and lemon juice. For Lunch try soup of mushrooms, celery and zucchini. Then beef burger with steamed broccoli and lettuce with lemon juice. For Dinner enjoy in baked eggs, cream cheese and rocket.

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