Skinny Water: 6 lb of excess disappears effortlessly

Since you drink plenty of water during the day, why do not you enrich it with a small addition and make Skinny Water for losing weight?

Summer is created for rapid detoxification of the body because of the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. You just have to introduce the right foods in your diet. Everything you need for a quick summer detox is the Skinny water.

Skinny Water for quick detox


  • Water – 1 liter
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon

Skinny Water: 6 lb of excess disappears effortlessly


  1. Wash and slice cucumber into thin circles (do not remove the peel).
  2. Wash the lemon and squeeze all the juice to add to 1 liter of cold water.
  3. Keep the water – enriched with lemon and cucumber – to cool down in the fridge. Slowly sip this refreshing drink during the day.

Cucumber is known as a natural cleanser of the body. It contains significant amounts of potassium – a mineral that is responsible for balancing the salt in the body. It also contains fiber, which leads to better digestion and preventing constipation.

Lemon stimulates functioning of liver and detoxification of the body. It is alkaline food and therefore is very good for the balance of the organism. The high level of vitamin C, in lemon and cucumber, will create a good basis for strengthening the immune system.

It is important that you drink this water during the day, and the next day you are making a new batch. If you are thirsty, drink the other water also. But it is important that you consume the skinny water during the day. Repeat the treatment as many times as you want. The healthiest is at least once a week to make skinny water and drink it.

If you perform detoxification once a week, make efforts that you eat only fresh fruits and fresh vegetables (not cooked) that day. Simply, take one day to purify the body and after that you will not have reason to be afraid of the disease.

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