Takeaway food: Healthy Low-carb muffins

Instead of fast food, you can have a real takeaway food – healthy low-carb muffins. Stop eating junk food at work and school! Not having time is just an excuse. Real truth is: with good organization of purchases, freeze, refrigerator, and hardly any time – fast food does not have to be found on the menu – at least not every day, which is also enough to start.

Healthy food can also be a real fast food – just pick recipes which need little time for preparation. Also, you can shorten necessary time with some tricks.

For example, use silicone baking tray for muffins. It is waste of time to lubricate baking tray, than difficult extraction and scrubbing to clean it when finished. Also, use baking paper for common baking trays, so nothing will stick.

Takeaway food: Healthy Low-carb muffins

Low-carb muffins

Muffins with low carbohydrates are ideal takeaway food. So you don’t need to carry huge plastic bowls in your purse. It is enough foil or bag which you will toss away after eating. You can eat muffins everywhere and do not need cutlery. The most important is that muffins have all necessary nutrients: proteins, fats, a reasonable amount of carbohydrates, and fiber from vegetables.

Takeaway food: Healthy Low-carb muffins

Make muffins in three phases (you can choose only first two phases if you don’t eat meat):

(1) Create a basis for muffins, which is always the same for normal baking tray for muffins with 12 holes.

Ingredients that you need are 2 whole eggs, 150 g cheese and ground white pepper to taste. Optionally you can add chopped garlic to taste. Also add chopped parsley. The other spices are a personal choice and depends on the combination that you select in the next steps.

You are preparing the base by mixing the eggs and other ingredients.

 (2) Insert some of the next vegetables:

  • 1 bigger broccoli, cooked and mashed, OR
  • 1 large cauliflower, cooked and mashed, OR
  • 2 small zucchini, coarse grated (but with the skin!) OR
  • 1 medium cabbage, cooked whole but sliced later OR
  • 1 small broccoli and a small cauliflower OR
  • 400 g of finely chopped and pre-blanched mushrooms or oyster mushrooms

Whatever mix of the above vegetables you insert, will be good.

 (3) You can insert some of next kinds of meat (optionally):

  • Finely chopped and fried chicken or beef steaks
  • Pieces of fresh sautéed salmon or smoked salmon, finely chopped
  • Minced meat (but pre-fried, with or without a onion)

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