Weight Loss in a few steps

          Weight loss is a path that can take you on a place where you do not want to be, because as there are real, there are wrong ways of weight loss. To lose weight and avoid the re-gain weight, there are some rules. The basic rule is that the old way of life that has led to your excess weight must change. Old habits definitely have to be changed and new, healthy must be adopted. That way the objective will be achieved to your satisfaction. Weight loss does not mean starvation. A lot of things you can do to help you be healthy and lose weight permanently. It is not difficult when you know how.

Weight Loss in a few steps

Tips for weight loss

          Do not skip breakfast. Easiest way to control your appetite is to have a regular breakfast. The maximum time between meals is precisely during the night, when we sleep. Between dinner and breakfast may pass 9-12 hours. If you skip breakfast, this gap will be spread a few hours. In it, we still need calories to work, even if it was the basal metabolism. Many people think that is easier if you skip breakfast to lose weight. It is the most harmful misconception. In this way, we deprive of necessary nutrients early in the day, when the body awakens and becomes active. As a result of skipping breakfast, you will be hungry and eat more food for lunch.

          Snack on between meals. If you think that two meals a day is sufficient for weight loss, you are wrong. By reducing the number of meals you do a big mistake, because a couple of times you eat a lot of food. Instead, do the opposite, eat several times by less, allowing you body to say “everything is fine, do not worry, you will have enough to eat, you do not need fat reserves.” You will accelerate the burning of calories and reduce your craving for harmful snacks during the day. General recommendations for healthy weight loss are 3 main (basic) meals and 2 snacks in between meals.

Vegetables, fruits and grains? 

          Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and grains. Vegetables and fruits are a modest source of calories, but an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Also fiber is very important for weight loss. Fibers accelerate the digestion of food and remove the feeling of bloating. Foods that contain a lot of fiber will keep you satiated for a long time, which will reduce the risk of hunger and overeating.

         Keep a bottle of water nearby. Sometimes a person can confuse thirst and hunger, which can negatively affect the weight. If you are thirsty, you do not need juices or some snacks. Drink a glass of water. Daily water needs depend on many factors, but on average, it is sufficient to bring about 2 liters of water a day.

          Do not pull the whole food group from the diet. Many diets often throw a whole food group from it and after some time appear craving for that food. Moderation is the key. You can sometimes buy your favorite food, as long as you keep in mind how many daily calories you need to consume and the respect that amount.

Empty calories YES or NO?

         Do not buy food with empty calories. To reduce the desire, stop with the purchase snacks, chocolate, biscuits, crisps and carbonated drinks. Instead buy healthy snacks, nuts, flaxseed, cereal chips and popcorn.

          Reduce alcohol. A glass of wine can have the same amount of calories as a piece of chocolate; a bottle of beer as one bag of potato chips. As time passes, people who enjoy alcohol, gain weight because of calories from alcohol.

          Build your diet. Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least a week in advance leading to your daily needs and activities, as well as the physical and medical characteristics. If this is a bit complicated, it is not a sin to ask for help. Take then your menu and go shopping but do not go shopping hungry, because then you will buy what you do not want.

         Get a smaller plate. If you have a large plate, you will eat more. Therefore, do the opposite and use small plates, small bowls and small cups. When you see a small amount of food on the plate, you will not be too concerned about, but you will also get used to smaller portion of those previously consumed. Eat slowly. The brain will get the signal from the stomach after 20 minutes that it is full, so it is important not to eat quickly.

          Activate yourself. Persons who introduce physical activity, even if it is minimal, easily and quickly lose weight.

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