Make healthy and delicious low-fat food

          There are tricks for making healthy and delicious low-fat food. When we mention making food with little or no fat, we think immediately that this food is gummy, tasteless and with little odor. This is because it does not smell of grease. However, cooking with little fat is not boring; but on the contrary, it is a quite challenge because this food is identified with something tasteless. To prove that low-fat food can be delicious is a real adventure! So we take you to that adventure to show you that by removing excess fat from food do not destroy its taste. Here are ways of doing it.

Make delicious low-fat food

Tricks for making delicious low-fat food

Make a list of your favorite foods and see where you could have a little “deprive” the fat. Examples:

  1. Change the type of meat – instead of fatty pork, use beef or turkey.
  2. Use more spices and herbs instead of oil and grease. It will enhance the taste of food so you will not feel the lack of greasy.
  3. Buy high-quality nonstick frying pan because it is one of the excellent ways to reduce the amount of oil when you fry something. Avoid deep frying because it is “greasiest death” of your body.
  4. Do not fry French fries in the fryer. Sprinkle it with spices and sprayed with a little oil, so put it in the oven. This way you get a very tasty, but not as greasy meal. The same goes for chicken. Before roasting remove the skin and roast it in the oven.
  5. Marinate the fish and make it in the oven.
  6. When preparing meat, remove from it all visible fat.

Which type of food to choose?

Choose less fatty meat and parts that contain less fat. As an example, we will mention a steak from the leg, which contains only 3 grams of fat in a serving size of 100 grams, while steak has been removed from the ribs, contains three times more fat.

Avoid mayonnaise and sauces from full-fat dairy products. Replace them with low-fat if you cannot without them.

Grill meat without adding oil. The taste will be amazing because the meat will let its natural juices. If you add quality natural spices like garlic, you will not even notice that it is not fried the way you used to.

If you still have something to fry, then fry in hot oil because the meat and vegetables absorb much more cold than hot oil.

Instead of adding oil, give a chance to meat and other groceries themselves to let their juices. Also, instead of adding oil, pour a little water and leave to simmer gently.

If you must eat pizza and you cannot give up, try to make it in the following way: make it from plain dough and add a minimal amount of oil. For filling from above using a cheese with low fat content and steamed vegetables.

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