Foods healthy for brain and memory

There are many foods that are healthy for brain and memory. The brain is the only organ that cannot regenerate as we age, so the number of neurons is reducing from the very birth of ours. This process is influenced by many factors, but also we can slow down it. Food is one of those beneficial factors. Is there a smart food? Definitely! Here are 10 of the most important foods for the brain and memory.

Foods healthy for brain and memory

Blueberries and cranberries like good food

These contain very important phytonutrients that improve memory and the ability to reduce the effects of chronic degenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Blueberry fruits are rich in powerful antioxidants. Studies show that people who consume blueberries in their diet improve mental side and motor skills so that they can be compared with persons younger than themselves. It is enough to eat a cup of blueberries or cranberries daily, no matter whether they are frozen or fresh.

Salmon, herring and trout

Nutritionally valuable fish such as salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for all brain activity. Omega-3 act anti-inflammatory therefore, raises immunity. Just enter about 120 grams of fish, two to three times a week. As an alternative, you can eat sardines, which are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So they are god type of food, for brain.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts (such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, peanuts) and seeds (sunflower, sesame, flax), as well as products on a natural (organic) basis thereof (tahini, peanut butter, butter of pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc) are an excellent source of vitamin E, which is responsible for intellectual ability. You can eat raw or roasted fruits and seeds. If you have a problem with hypertension, avoid them if they are salted. Zinc is an important mineral that these foods are rich, and affect cognitive capacity. Vitamin E keeps mental health and it is desirable to obtain it sufficiently. In addition, good sources of vitamin E are olive oil and green vegetables.

Whole grains

All whole grains, barley, wheat, rye, oats, as well as brown rice decrease risk of cardiovascular disease. Every organ in our body depends on blood flow to and from it, so if you promote food that protects the vascular system, protects the brain, which is the most “user” of these resources. What is the matter? Fibers, then vitamin E and some omega-3 fatty acids. They can be eaten as flakes, muesli or as pastries. It is enough a half a cup of cereal and 2 tsp of whole wheat (rye or other) sprouts or a few pieces of whole-wheat bread / pastries daily.

Collard greens, spinach, parsley and broccoli

This vegetable is the richest in vitamin K, which also enhances brain function and improves memory skills. This makes preventing the oxidative processes of nerve cells, which keeps cells from oxidation, even though vitamin K is not an antioxidant. Vitamin K in addition affects the normal blood coagulation, protects and strengthens bones, prevents calcification of the arteries.

Pomegranate and citrus

These are a wonderful tasty vitamin bombs and bombs for the brain in a positive way. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, which protect the brain from destructive free radicals. Neurons (brain) are very sensitive to the effects of free radicals. Eat pomegranate or citrus, and more colorful, the better.


There is evidence that lycopene, the red pigment of tomatoes, which is a powerful antioxidant, keeps the brain cells from free radicals. So it is desirable to eat tomatoes daily, either in the form of salad or as part of a meal.


Tea is food for the brain. The best is natural, non-flavored herbal tea. Despite the fact that it contains modest amount of caffeine, tea has the essential phytonutrients that stimulate better blood flow through the brain. A better flow means better concentration and better memory.

Dark chocolate

It is best to conclude the list with a healthy treat. But dark chocolate is more than that. It contains powerful antioxidants and natural stimulants (caffeine). They increase the concentration and stimulates the production of endorphins, which means – a sense of joy. Do not go overboard, 25 grams of dark chocolate is more than enough on the day.

There are no reasons that if you are physically healthy, do not enter the listed foods. Food for the brain is beneficial, healthy food, you should regularly consume. If you have a disease that excludes the consumption of certain foods from the above list, simply remove or replace the alternative. For a total body health is most important.

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