Healthy candy with low calories

Although it seems too much too quickly, and certainly too simple to be true, this delicious healthy candy really express stores, and its taste will not Defer those on a strict diet. Therefore, be careful to whom you offer.

Candy with oatmeal. Sounds strange and impossible. But a little magic in the kitchen do wonders.

Energy balls are popular among sportsman. And they are healthy candy with low calories. You can prepare this for 15 minutes and little effort. That is a phenomenal snack for young and old.

Healthy candy with low calories

Recipe for healthy candy

Ingredients that you need:

  • coconut,
  • oatmeal,
  • cocoa,
  • honey,
  • raspberry,
  • almond butter,
  • milk ( best if you have rice or coconut milk ),
  • ground pistachios or coconut.


Energy balls: Place the coconut and oatmeal in blender. Chop it, then add cocoa, honey, raspberry, almond butter and milk. The mixture must be sufficient ” greasy ” and not too liquid to be able to create energy balls. When you form balls, roll them in cocoa or ground pistachios or coconut.

The health benefits of oatmeal

There are many reasons why you should eat oatmeal. At first of all, it contains many minerals, nutrients, vitamins, fiber and lipids. The vitamins did not envision the options of: iodine, copper, magnesium, manganese, chlorine, and phosphorus. Oatmeal contains vitamins B and E groups. Since vitamin B group, the most important B9, which contains folic acid. Folic acid plays a key a role in DNA synthesis and the production of red blood cells. This acid is necessary for the proper development of the fetus and for the transfer of genes from mother to child. Therefore oatmeal should regularly eat a future mother.

Oatmeal increases the durability and strength of the body. Regulates the function and bowel movements. Improves digestion and therefore is good for people in the diet. Positive influence on concentration and memory. Therefore, if you take care of yourself and your health, include oatmeal in your diet.


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