Zinc: Important Mineral for Growth, Fertility and Good Immunity!

Zinc is completely forgotten in ordinary life, except in cases where the growth of children and male potency are determined. However, take into account the banal fact that it participates in the work of 100 enzymes, among which are those responsible for the synthesis of DNA and RNA!

Zinc regulates cell growth and wound healing (remember the white zinc paste). It participates in protein synthesis, regulates fertility, helps cells reproduction, strengthens immunity and protects against free radicals. Of course, all the above-mentioned functions of the mineral are scientifically proofed.

How Does Zinc Work?

And now we come to the most interesting part – zinc and cold. Regulatory trials with a double-blind trial found that zinc pastilles shorten the duration of the cold in adults.

There is no such thing in children and no one has explained that so far. In the experiments that led to success, zinc gluconate and zinc gluconate-glycine were used in the form of chewable pastilles. Each pastille contained 15-25 mg of zinc. I do not need to mention what this means for millions of those who have a cold every now and then.

Warning to all users of zinc tablets or lozenges: Look at whether they contain lemon acid or tartaric acid because due to interaction, the action of zinc can be blocked. And one more thing: do not take other zinc salts because the effect, for now, is achieved only by those mentioned.

There is also a proven technique: you should take lozenges at the first sign of “tickling” in the throat or nose and at a dose of 10 pastilles a day (sucking as candies). Take these during the duration of the “disease”. As soon as the symptoms disappear you should stop taking them.

Zinc is an excellent aid in the healing of wounds (zinc paste), in infertility of males, in minor injuries, night blindness, infections, in athletes under a strong training regimen, in prostatic hyperplasia, etc.

Where to find zinc?

Seafood and especially shellfish are rich in this mineral; then red meat, eggs, tofu, peas, beans and wheat germ.

Zinc: Important Mineral for Growth, Fertility and Good Immunity!

Dosage and Toxicity

The recommended daily amount (RDA) of zinc is 12-15 mg. Pregnant women and teenagers are most exposed to zinc deficiency. So they should take supplement 25-30 mg daily, which is considered moderate. Although athletes will take more, it is considered that 15 mg daily is sufficient.

Quantities of 50 mg daily are reserved for special conditions, and that will decide the doctor. You should understand that the amount of this mineral largely depends on eating habits. It’s clear that fans of seafood will take more of it through the food than those who mainly eat processed food!

At increased doses up to 300 mg daily, an instinct for vomiting, stomach pain, and mouth irritation may occur. There may be disturbances in the defense system. Since zinc blocks the absorption of copper, it is not recommended to take it the long time. Contrary to earlier studies which had shown it is not good for Alzheimer’s disease, improvements have been identified after its supplements.

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