Mounds: Indescribably Delicious Homemade Keto / Low-carb Candy

Probably, all of you have tried Mounds – candy bar made by Hershey’s. This candy is known worldwide. Great combination of coconut and chocolate. In some countries, there is Bounty – a similar coconut-filled chocolate bar made by Mars, Incorporated.

We all know that these purchased chocolate bars are high in sugar. That’s the point – to be sweet. So if you are on a diet, forget about them. Well, now you can make your own Mounds – sugar-free and low in carbs, but equally delicious.

Keto Mounds Recipe

The recipe is really simple but takes time. It makes about 12 bars (but that depends on the size and shape you make). Nutritional value per 1 bar (if 12 bars total): 232 Calories, 22 g Fat, 3 g Carbs, 2 g Protein.

Ingredients that you need:

For topping:

  • 5 oz. (150 g) of dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa
  • 3 tablespoons of grass-fed butter
  • stevia to taste (liquid or powdered)


Warm up heavy cream, stevia, and butter. When the butter is melted, remove from the heat and add shredded coconut.

Transfer the mixture on a baking tray coated with baking paper and leave at room temperature for 2-3 hours.

After a few hours, place the Mounds mixture to the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

Remove from the refrigerator, cut into cubes or rectangles as desired, and shape it slightly with your fingers. Return to the fridge while preparing the topping.

Melt the chocolate with butter on steam (add stevia if it is not sweet enough) and dip each coconut cube. Then return to the baking paper.

Leave the tray in the refrigerator until the chocolate is solid. Serve and enjoy.

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