The Most Powerful Natural Remedy against Swelling

Swelling is known as an increase in the volume of liquids in the intercellular space.

Swelling of the legs can occur for various reasons: heat, problems with blood vessels, kidney disorders, pregnancy, cardiac insufficiency, hormonal disorders…

This problem should not be taken lightly, and it is best to consult a doctor immediately to determine what specifically led to the swelling of the lower extremities.

Alternative medicine has a wide arsenal of various means against the swelling. But probably the most effective of them is – the parsley tea that efficiently throws excess fluid out of the body.

The Most Powerful Natural Remedy against Swelling

Natural Diuretic for Leg Swelling

In order to prepare parsley tea to solve this problem, you will need fresh parsley leaves and root itself (or the whole plant will be needed).

Rinse well and ground whole parsley plant using a grinder, or chop it to another, for you, suitable way. Put the mixture in a thermos and pour 500 ml boiling water. Then let it stand overnight. Strain it in the morning. This is the amount of tea you will drink by a third, during the day.

You should drink the beverage for 2 consecutive days (prepare a new tea for tomorrow). After that, take a break for 3 days and prepare and drink again for 2 days.

After the first 2 days, you will notice a significant reducing of swelling in your legs. You will be able to put on your favorite shoes with ease!

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