Excessive Sweating: Heal and Prevent This Unpleasant Phenomena

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a very unpleasant occurrence. We cannot call it a disease because it is essentially an emotional disorder.

In the basis of hyperhidrosis is always heightened an emotion of fear – at the conscious or subconscious level.

Patients with hyperhidrosis when sweated, have a feeling of discomfort. And when they find themselves in a situation when they know that they will sweat, then activates the fear of emotions, which further enhances the secretion of sweat. And so, there is a vicious circle.

Excessive sweating affects about three percent of the population, and to deal with this problem, a therapist should determine a diagnosis.

Causes of Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis can be of a primary type, for which the cause is unknown, and the secondary, which is usually due to another illness or disorder. Primary hyperhidrosis typically occurs in the palms, soles, the armpits, but also on the forehead and skin of the upper lip. The worsening occurs when a person is under stress or after strong emotions. It is a serious problem because it makes communication difficult as well as many daily activities.

Another type of excessive sweating is secondary hyperhidrosis for which it is possible to determine the cause of the occurrence.

The most common causes of hyperhidrosis are hereditary and genetic diseases; infection (tuberculosis, malaria…); malignant diseases (lymphomas, neurological tumors); endocrine diseases (thyroid, obesity, and menopause); alcoholism and use of some drugs, and sometimes pregnancy.

Healing of Excessive Sweating

First is necessary to correctly determine the diagnosis.

If a secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by another disease, the treatment of the underlying disease leads to curing the excessive sweating. In the case of primary hyperhidrosis, the treatment is symptomatic, and therefore more complicated.

When it comes to the treatment of primary hyperhidrosis, there are several possibilities: treatment of aluminum salts, 20-minute iontophoresis two to three times a week, anticholinergic drugs and blockers of adrenergic receptors…

Injections of botulinum toxin type A are effective for dealing with excessive sweating of the armpits and palms. The effect lasts for six months, and for some 12 months.

Surgical treatment is a final solution, carried out by a specialist in chest surgery (when it comes to the so-called sympathectomy) or a specialist in plastic surgery (when it comes to removing a part of the skin that is sweating excessively or removing the subcutaneous fat tissue with sweat glands, which is effective in armpits sweating).

Whom to contact first?

Regions that are most vulnerable are palms, armpit, foot, part under the breasts in women and back – along the spinal column.

First, you need to contact a psychologist or psychiatrist. This resolves the cause of the problem.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons treat the effect or relieve sweating, and temporarily.

Lotions with methenamine are given in the therapy. In severe cases, Botox or Dysport injections are used.

Giving these preparations to the palms, armpits, and feet is extremely painful. But, patients even agree to do this only to solve these inconveniences.

Recommended therapies

Holistic approach

Hyperhidrosis can be alleviated by a holistic approach. This includes relaxation techniques – such as meditation, auto suggestion – for self-confidence, then psychotherapy and adequate nutrition.

What makes the ideal solution for hyperhidrosis is the Su Jok therapy or some other type of acupuncture as well as Reiki therapy.

Homeopathic therapy is also available.

All doctors who deal with these methods of treatment know that fear is the one that problems to be solved. And this is done very successfully – in some patients with two, and in some with 7 to 10 treatments. The effect is remarkable. Compared to Botox, it costs less and is completely harmless, with no side effects.


It is necessary to remove from the diet, as much as possible, the protein of animal origin – milk and meat. Nutrition should be rich in minerals and vitamins. This means more fruit and vegetables.

In this case can help avoiding of some drinks and foods: caffeine, carbonated drinks, chocolate, spicy and hot foods, and alcohol.

Also, the recommendation is the sport as the best method for eliminating stress.

Tea of basil with some lemon juice, cold or lukewarm – two cups a day. Basil tea is good for applying in over-sweating regions.


Deodorants and antiperspirants are used from cosmetics. Deodorants do not prevent sweating but only contribute to a better smell of sweat. Antiperspirants partially block the sweating. And this is not good, because some patients may develop another illness (hidradenitis suppurativa) which is much more severe than hyperhidrosis.

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