The Best Homemade Facial Toner for Beautiful Skin

Facial toner is very important in everyday care. You use it in the morning to remove metabolic products from the surface of the face. On the other hand, in the evening, you use it after removing makeup to clean the remains of impurities. In this way, we return the balance, the natural pH of the skin.

In addition, a good lotion naturally moisturizes and softens the skin, and prevents its further dehydration. Essentially, cleaning facial toner is a water or alcoholic-water solution. The alcohol concentration varies depending on the type of skin it is intended for. Also, the selection of plants and other ingredients that will enter its composition depends on the type of skin.

To prepare a normal skin care solution, you can use the natural recipe we suggest in this article. It is so easy to prepare at home.

Nourishing Facial Toner with Cucumber and Milk

For starters, prepare an extraordinary tonic for a face without alcohol. It is a combination of honey, milk, and juice from cucumbers. Here’s the recipe.

You need two large cucumbers, which you will peel, grate and drain all the juice from them. Mix the resulting liquid with 7 oz. (200 ml) of milk and 1 tablespoon of quality honey. Then put everything in the appropriate pan, warm up to boil and cook for the next five minutes. After that, let it cool completely, pour into a glass bottle and store in the refrigerator.

Use this natural facial toner in the morning and in the evening. Before every use, shake well the toner.

This toner is known for its hydrating effect and preventing skin drying. Milk contains nutritious ingredients that slow down aging and creating wrinkles and prevent drying the skin.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used the combination of milk and honey in everyday baths. She was famous for her nourishing, soft and smooth skin. If you use a cucumber facial toner every day, your skin will be hydrated and healthy.

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