Paleo Seeded Buns – Perfect for Tasty Low-carb Sandwiches!

Amazing Paleo seeded buns that you can eat with some healthy low-carb spread or simply make a sandwich adding your favorite stuffing. The ground seeds in buns produce a beautiful flavor in which you’ll certainly enjoy.

Paleo Seeded Buns Recipe

The recipe makes 6 buns. Time of preparation is 15 minutes. Baking time is 1 hour.

Ingredients that you need:

  • psyllium husks, 70 g (1 cup)
  • coconut flour, 70 g (½ cup), plus extra for dusting
  • chia seeds, 3 tbsp.
  • flax seeds, 3 tbsp.
  • pumpkin seed kernels (pepitas), 3 tbsp.
  • sesame seeds, 3 tbsp.
  • sunflower seeds, 3 tbsp.
  • baking powder, 2 ½ teaspoons
  • sea salt, 1 ½ teaspoons
  • apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp.
  • eggs, 3 pcs
  • coconut oil, melted, 2 tbsp.


At first, preheat the oven to 160°C (320°F). Then line a baking tray with baking paper.

Place the psyllium husks, coconut flour, chia seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds in the bowl of a food processor and process for a few seconds until the seeds are finely chopped.

Transfer the flour mixture to a large bowl, then mix in the baking powder and salt. In another bowl, combine the vinegar, 15 fl. oz. (450 ml) of water and the eggs and whisk until smooth. Then add the coconut oil and egg mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well to form a wet dough.

Knead the dough on a lightly floured work surface for 1 minute, then divide into six portions and shape into 6 buns. Place the dough portions on the prepared tray, allowing room for spreading.

Bake in the oven for 1 hour, rotating the tray halfway through so the buns bake evenly. To check if they are baked, tap the base of a bun. If it sounds hollow, the buns are ready. If they seem to be very heavy and dense, they need to bake for a little longer.

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