The Best Exercises for a Firm and Well-Shaped Butt

The best exercises for fat burning and shaping the gluteus muscle! With these, you will soon notice that your butt is up and firmer.

  1. Romanian deadlift for butt shaping

The Best Exercises for a Firm and Well-Shaped ButtIn the standstill, take the weights into your hands so that your palms are turned to the body. The width of the catch should be slightly wider than the shoulder width. Hands and back should be right during the exercise.

Bend at the hips by lowering the weights. The knees should be only slightly bent and the legs below the knees must remain vertical.

When the weight is lowered to the middle of your lower part of legs, it is time to straighten up and return to the starting position.

Besides the butt, this exercise also has an impact to erector spinae.

The lowering movement, as well as the straightening movement, must be performed slower and controlled so you would not damage the back. When lifting to the upright position, you should not use the hands as a weight mover. You use the hands only to hold the bar.

To reduce the burden on the joints, use a grip so that one palm of your arm is facing the body and the other one from the body. For heavy weight, you should wear a lifting belt. Those with an injury should not be doing this exercise.

There is also a variation of this exercise with light weights.

  1. Leg curl for butt shaping

The Best Exercises for a Firm and Well-Shaped ButtLie on the bench of the machine facing the stomach and grab hold of the handles. Put the heels under the ramp. Take advantage of the strength of hamstrings muscle to bend your legs by moving the ramp.

When your legs are fully curled, tighten the hamstrings firmly. Put your legs back to their starting position.

This exercise completely isolates the hamstrings.

Use the weight that will allow you to completely curl your legs. Avoid partial curling. Do not take your hips off the bench during exercise.

You can perform this exercise also with one leg in order to hit the targeted muscle more intensely.

There is also a variant of this exercise in a standing position.

  1. Hip raise / Butt lift / Bridge

The Best Exercises for a Firm and Well-Shaped ButtLie so your back is on the floor. Keep your hands on the floor next to your body. Your legs are bent in your knees and feet on the floor.

Raise the hips from the floor by pushing from the heels. When your body is at the same level with your thighs, compress the gluteus. Then return to the starting position.

This is an exercise that affects gluteus (butt). It’s relatively easy to perform so you can do more repetitions in a single series. In order to increase the load, you can put a weight on thighs, but you have to hold it up with your hands and then perform the exercise.

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