Creamy Low-carb Chocolate Quark – an Absolute Pleasure!

Certainly, there are those days when you could eat some real dessert! Unfortunately, those days almost always end with a bad conscience and an unpleasant feeling of fullness. Well, not with the Chocolate Quark!

To make sure that something like this does not happen, we have found a brilliant recipe for you. With this recipe, you can conjure up in seconds a totally creamy dessert for which one can hardly believe that it is low-carb!

Creamy Low-carb Chocolate Quark

This amazing recipe makes 1 serving (180 ml = 6 fl. oz.). Preparation is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Nutritional value: 407 Calories; 34 g Fat; 15 g Protein; 5 g Carbs.

Ingredients that you need:


At first, beat the heavy cream together with the cocoa, using a whisk or electric mixer (whatever is suitable for you).

Then you only have to stir in the Quark cheese using a spoon and add your sweetener to the chocolate quark. If you wish garnish with some kind of sugar-free chocolate and your low-carb dessert is done! Enjoy!


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