Summer Diet Tips Which Will Help You To Stay Fit

Summer diet tips to help you cool down and stay fit and healthy

Summer season is ideal for weight loss. So if you have a problem with your weight or with bloating, check this out.

Summer Diet Tips

  • Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal. Research has repeatedly shown that people who eat breakfast perform better at work, get less tired during a long working day and have more energy than those who only take a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Eat small meals at frequent intervals. Avoid starving and binging.
  • Do not drink very chilled liquids. They do not really help cool you down in summers. Drinking really cold liquids when feeling hot may lead to a slight constriction of the blood vessels in the skin and decrease heat loss, which is not advisable when trying to cool down.
  • Avoid caffeinated or carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, and those high in sugar. All these drinks contain preservatives, colors, and sugars. They are acidic in nature and act as diuretics. They cause loss of fluids through urine and body gets dehydrated.

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  • Watermelon has leukopenic which acts as an antioxidant. It will keep you fresh and stress-free. It maintains water and fluid content of the body. Make a drink with watermelon, lime, and salt for a refreshing break.
  • Avoid sugary foods. The natural sugars available from fruits and veggies are healthier. Take healthy food and drinks to work instead of loading up on fatty, greasy food and sweetened cold drinks from the canteen. Cut the intake of fried foods, like samosas, chips, etc. Fat has a thermal effect.
  • Do not forget physical activity or exercise. That is a very important criterion to remain fit and lose weight. Just a simple brisk walk for 40-45 minutes or stretching exercises for lower body will help. Keep as active as possible at work use the stairs, walk to work, go for a walk.


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