Green asparagus with salmon fillet and dill butter – low-carb perfection!

Salmon fillet is the best when it is juicy. With green asparagus and fresh dill, the dish is a real joy for palates. Nutritional and healthy, this meal will make you forget that you’re on a diet. It is true pleasure for those on a special dietary regime, but also for people who don’t select food.

Salmon fillet with green asparagus – recipe

The recipe makes 2 servings. Preparation takes about 25 minutes and it is pretty simple.

Nutritional value: 565 kcal, 4.3 g carbs, 27.3 g protein, and 49.1 g fat.

Ingredients that you need:

  • 2 salmon fillet with skin
  • 14 oz. (400 g) of green asparagus
  • 2 organic lemons
  • 3 tbsp. butter
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 3 – 4 stems of Dill
  • pepper to taste
  • sea salt to taste


Wash the green asparagus and cut the ends. Then peel the lower third of the stems if necessary. Wash and drain the dill. Wash the salmon fillets and dry them with a kitchen towel. Then rinse the lemon, dry and cut into pieces.

For the asparagus, heat 1 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. butter in a frying pan. Then fry the stems for several minutes. Turn them several times so that they are fried from all sides.

In the second pan, fry 1 tbsp. oil and 2 tbsp. butter. Then fry the salmon on the side without skin for about two minutes. Turn the fillets and fry them on the skin side. During the frying pour a spoonful of oil and butter mixture over the fish.

Divide the green asparagus between two plates and then add a salmon fillet. Pour the liquid butter over the fish and serve with dill and lemon slices together.

Enjoy this tasteful meal!

Source: Low Carb Rezepte

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