Type of the body determines a combination of exercises you need to shape it

Whether you like your body type or not, you cannot change it. Maybe you have narrow shoulders and wide hips or any of these options, but know that you’re stuck with them for a lifetime. What can you do about it?

The exercises are based on the creation of symmetry of body parts. And symmetry is only possible by combining various exercises. So you can shape the figure of the body with correct and targeted exercises. But also with the proper diet, so you would prevent the accumulation of excess weight in places where you would not like.

Discover your body type and learn how and what exercises you can do to achieve the best possible figure.

  1. Body type – Hourglass

If your body has a shape like an hourglass, you should focus on cardio exercises with resistance. Cardio will help in maintaining body weight, while resistance exercises help to maintain the same structure between the upper and lower body.

The best exercises for this type of body: slow jogging, cycling (with low resistance), jumping jacks, swimming, and weight lifting.

  1. Body type – Pear

If your body structure reminds of a pear or the letter “A”, it means that you have narrow shoulders, back, and smaller breasts and “real” curves are located in the abdomen, hips, and thighs. For this form, it is very important to put the focus on training the upper body, in order to obtain a greater symmetry of the upper and lower body, but on the other hand, reduce the lower body.

When it comes to exercise for the lower body, it is necessary to focus on aerobic exercise. The exercises for the upper body should be with resistance. The most effective would be lighter weights with higher reps.

The best exercises for this type of body: walking, cycling (with less resistance), jumping rope, various types of push-ups, weight lifting.

  1. Body type – Apple

If you have an apple shape of the body, then your chest, waist, hips and buttocks are the round parts.

It is, therefore, necessary to concentrate on cardio that will burn excess fat on buttocks, hips, and waist. Stepper and treadmill with an incline are best in burning fat and toning leg muscles.

Be sure not to forget all the forms of exercises for the abdominal muscles and Plank. For the shoulders, upper back and chest are recommended lifting weights, focusing on light weights with more repetitions. Exercise with dumbbell weighing up to 4 pounds.

  1. Type of the body – “Form-H”

You have broad shoulders and waist, while your waist narrower. What is most important in this type of structure is working on narrowing the waist. It is recommended cardio on the treadmill with an incline and the exercise on the treadmill. Resistance exercises should be focused on the lower body.

The best exercises for this type of body: squats with weightlifting, leg weight lifting, and all forms of sit-ups.

  1. Type of the body – “Form V”

If your shoulders are wider than your hips and somewhat masculine build, just as is the case with “H” type structure, the focus of training should be on the lower part of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen and increase the gluteus and thighs; in order to create a better proportion between the upper and lower body. Certainly, any form of abdominal exercises will help to maintain, while for the upper body do stretching and lengthening of muscles.

The best exercises for this type of body: weight lifting and cycling for the lower part, Pilates and Yoga for the upper body.

  1. Type of the body – ruler

Your body has a few or no curves. You are probably pretty slim, and you might like to have a few pounds more, in the hope that you will get that curve.

If you want to keep your slim figure, running is the best option for you, as a form of cardio. After that, you can commit to any form of exercise, from weight lifting, aerobic exercise. Also Pilates, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming. It is important that sport encompasses all parts of the body, so they are equally developed.

Finally, it should be taken into account that not all women are the example of the bodies of anatomy from this textbook. If you do not know what exercise would be the best for you, contact the coaches from fitness centers. They would know exactly what kind of training you need.

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