Speed up your metabolism! Just follow these golden rules!

If you are constantly struggling with excess weight, we can be pretty sure and say that you have a very slow metabolism. This means that your body very slowly (or rather inefficiently) uses the calories consumed.

The reasons may be different. Probably not enough moving. You work a sedentary (office work) and spend most of the day in front of a monitor or in the papers. Or if you are not employed, most of the day sitting on the couch and watch soap operas or playing games.

All this supported by inadequate nutrition, which generally follows the aforementioned “activities”. And sport is out of the question. But you’re not alone, such a profile and pattern of behavior, unfortunately, is typical for many people. So do not be average, but do something to change this situation.

There are several basic aspects to encourage more rapid flux of substances in our body:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Appropriate physical activity
  • Supplementation


A typical routine of starting the day without breakfast, burning the empty stomach with the coffee and “devastating’’ the refrigerator after returning from work. Of course, not to mention the ultimate nonsense that after 6 p.m. should not eat because otherwise will gain weight (!?).

The first step to take is to establish a constant flow of nutrients into the body from the beginning of the day until bedtime. Otherwise, the body thinks as follows: “Hey, you gave me to eat 24 hours ago, who knows when I’ll get something again, the better to keep what I have”. And so your body keeps reserves in the form of what is called beer holders or love handles.

Just increasing the number of meals a day (5-6 and more) without too much care what we eat, will wake up your metabolism and your body will liven up. First prosaic sign by which we recognize to be a positive step is more frequent visits to the bathroom.

Now, this renaissance will not last forever. Our body has the drawback that relatively quickly gets used to the new. Therefore, we need to make further changes.

Keeping insulin under control

The next step is to achieve a favorable hormone atmosphere in the body to prevent the metabolism to sleep again. This is achieved primarily by holding under control the main hormone – insulin. Insulin is a hormone secreted by our pancreas when the body enters sugar (naturally, it’s very simple terms) so these sugars could enter the cell where will be used as a fuel (energy).

However, when the body gets the sugar, and there is no need for so much energy, it will convert these sugars into fat and store them in the form of fat reserves. Insulin is also the hormone that causes the feeling of hunger. It is very easy to become a victim and you are in a vicious circle: first eat something sweet -> secrete insulin -> insulin says that the brain is hungry -> eat more sweets -> again follows the secretion of insulin, and over again…

Solution to the problem: give the body energy when it is likely to have the needs. Typically this will be the beginning of the day – breakfast – in the first half of the day when we are most active. But also deny him the energy in the second half of the day and before sleep; when it is most likely it will go to the fat.

What to eat and when?

Sources of sugar include: sweets of all kinds (they should be completely eliminated from the diet as soon as possible if we want to maintain our metabolism in high gear; they are the biggest culprits in weight gain, especially when they are entered in the same meal with fat); cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes, fruit and vegetables (the only “sugar” we can eat at any time and in unlimited quantities; however, there are some exceptions, such as corn, carrots, etc.)

So we arranged the number of meals and ejected from the diet the invaders that slow down our metabolism. Now we are looking at how the body changes and establish an adequate calorie intake. An experienced eye will be of great benefit here and it will save time to consult a personal trainer. He will set adequate calorie intake with adequate training in order to avoid tapping in place, but in the shortest time to achieve the desired effect.

Speed up your metabolism! Just follow these golden rules!

As calorie intake is concerned, it is very important not to overdo it with caloric restriction, because we get the opposite effect, i.e. metabolism will slow down again.

For a moment, we’ll return to the above-mentioned fruits. The folk tradition tells us that fruit is healthy, full of vitamins, mainly that it should be consumed as much. And while the argument with vitamins quite in place, the fruit has a dark side that would make people resort to fruit before but for some vegetables. Again, the reason is a sweet taste. Thus, the fruit contains a lot of sugar, and simple, which provoke insulin secretion (remember – the hormone that makes you fat!). The special story is fructose or fruit sugar.


Fructose, namely, reduces insulin sensitivity, which causes secretion of more insulin. Therefore, also increases the risk of diabetes. In contrast to glucose, fructose can be metabolized only by the liver where is stored in the form of glycogen deposition. However, if the glycogen stores are full (which is always except after sleeping), fructose will eventually turn into fat. So if you have stubborn fat that does not want to leave, but apparently you’ve taken all of your power, try to minimize the intake of fructose.

In the context of accelerating metabolism is usually manipulated with carbohydrates (sugars). However, we should not neglect protein component. Proteins have a higher thermogenic effect than other macronutrients. Thermogenic effect of food is the amount of energy that our body needs to expend to digest certain foods. Protein is harder to digest than sugar or fat, so the body requires more energy for this process.

Additionally, another important aspect we need to ensure if we want to constantly use the benefits of accelerated metabolism is a good hydration of the body, meaning – water.

Training (physical activity)

When we designed the diet, we have solved only the first part of the story of accelerating metabolism. That is the segment that prevents the formation of new fat surplus. But you still need to spend mass excesses that are already there. This will achieve a physical activity of certain intensity.

According to the NSCA, association of personal trainers, a sedentary lifestyle is characteristic of the individuals who do not participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three times a week continuously for at least 3 months.

What is that you can do about it?

First, you should start some form of aerobic exercise. Experience and the results achieved have shown that good choice is a fast walk on the running strip (not running). The best time for this is right at the beginning of the day, on an empty stomach. Why? After sleep, fatty acids are released into the circulation. So they are ready for consuming by the body for energy purposes of the aerobic exercise.

Next step follows after the body gets used to the physical activity and we get rid of a certain amount of fat. It is to include HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is extremely effective in increasing metabolism because it keeps your metabolism at a higher level for hours after you’re done with your workout.

Next, just as important (but not more important) than aerobic exercise is training with a load that must be included. Weight training has the same long-term effect on the metabolism as HIIT. Remember that proteins are metabolically active and require more energy from fat and sugar? Well, the muscles are composed of protein, so it can be easy to conclude that the more muscle we have, we will be more efficient in spending calories, even at rest.

Speed up your metabolism! Just follow these golden rules!


Why is supplementation necessary if we want to speed up metabolism?

The high-protein and low-carb diet which is ideal for speeding up metabolism. But it is deficient in terms of some micronutrients that you should compensate. For example, the omission of the fruit from the diet because of the above-mentioned (justified) reasons, deny certain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contain fruit. That’s why we need to take an extra, in the form of supplements.

In addition, with such a diet regime, we need further to enter the essential fatty acids (omega-3). Also, a diet low in carbohydrate supplementation requires fiber to avoid constipation.

Another group of supplements is those we take to raise metabolism to a higher level. For example, caffeine and green tea. There are on the market a large number of fat burners that speed up metabolism. However, be careful in choosing; because a good part of these preparations just not working and at best cause the placebo.


For best results, things are very simple, but very far from impossible and illusory (how may it seem for you in the beginning).

Adopt a high protein and low carb diet. Train with weights regularly and include some form of aerobic exercise. Make sure you enter the supplementation of essential nutrients.

Adopt all of the above as a lifestyle and results will be there!


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