Restriction period in Chrono diet: Permitted and prohibited foods

Chrono diet was first conceived as a form of nutrition, not a classic diet. However, many people have considerable overweight, so Dr. Gifing introduced a special restriction period within the Chrono nutrition.

As we have said, you can eat sweets and fruits for a snack. The restriction means that the snack is completely out of the daily menu, even fruit. It is necessary to generally reduce the intake of food during this period, especially sugar. Occasionally you should eject starchy vegetables and carbohydrates for lunch. Why throw these foods out? Because they are full of sugar.

Period of restriction is intended as a period in which you clean the and then actually lose excess weight. The spacing between meals during this time should be 5 hours.

For breakfast, you can eat pastry of all kinds of flour, except wheat and corn. You can use spelt, wheat, buckwheat, oat, barley, rye and other flour. Not allowed mixing of dairy products and eggs, as well as several different proteins. For lunch, do not eat starchy vegetables and legumes; while dinner should be a “lighter” – a type of protein and green or white vegetables.

Period of restriction lasts a minimum of 28 days (one month). But of course, you can end the restriction before this deadline if you already have lost the desired amount of weight.

If someone has a really big overweight, the restriction may take over a year!

Rules for selection of foods in the period of restriction

Purchasing meat products often contain sugar. If you can opt for local homemade products. It is not allowed to combine several types of meat in one meal. Take special care when buying a ready-made mixture of minced meat, such as kebabs, burgers, and sausages.

On a weekly basis, you can eat 14 eggs. If you have high cholesterol, reduce your intake of egg yolks.

You can eat celery, carrots, and beets raw only. Heat treatment of this type of vegetables increases their glycemic index.

Coffee is allowed 15 minutes after breakfast and 15 minutes after lunch.

It is not advisable to consume avocados for dinner since it contains a high percentage of fat.

You can eat butter for breakfast in moderate amounts – 1 oz. (25 g) three times a week.

Consume red wine 15 minutes after lunch, and just 100 ml.

You shouldn’t eat spelt at the beginning of restriction period because its composition is most similar to wheat.

Restriction period in Chrono diet: Permitted and prohibited foods

Restriction period in Chrono diet: Permitted and prohibited foods

Glycemic index (GI) of foods and Chrono diet

Learn which foods you can eat during the restriction

Glycemic index (GI) represents ranging from foods containing carbohydrates according to the rate of the rise in the blood sugar level compared to pure glucose (which is assigned a value of the glycemic index of 100). The glucose from the food with a low GI, such as fresh peaches and beans, digest and absorb into the blood more slowly than glucose from the food with a high GI, such as filled candy and white bread.

Glycemic impact of a food depends on the manufacturer or the type of land on which it is grown certain cultures, fetal maturity, the manner in which the food is prepared, the size of the portions. When GI is adjusted to the regular size of the portion, this is called the glycemic load, for which we use the label GL as well as other foods with which it is consumed. In addition, the effect of food on blood glucose level depends on the time of consumption.

What influences GI?

Glucose from the food with a low GI is digested and absorbed into the blood more slowly than glucose from the food with a high GI, causing blood sugar rises more slowly. Factors such as the composition of the land on which the plants are grown, additives used in the nutrition of plants, genetic engineering, the type of carbohydrate comprising, the manner in which it is processed, etc. influence the value of GI. For example, whole grains are digested relatively difficult, but after mechanical and thermal processing (milling, chopping, baking…) are easily digestible. Therefore, white bread and bread from finely ground whole grains have a high GI, while a loaf of multi-grain has medium GI.

Also, very important are vegetable fibers. These nutrients easily swell and slow down the passage of food through the digestive tract. Therefore, foods high in fiber (such as oats, beans or apples) have a lower GI. Most foods that contain a higher percentage of carbohydrates are not consumed in the daily diet alone, but as part of a snack or main meal, and it affects blood sugar levels. For example, bread is eaten with butter or some cheese spread, and potato mainly with meat and vegetables. Representation of foods rich in fats and proteins rather slows digestion and lowers the glycemic index of the total meal.

Restriction period in Chrono diet: Permitted and prohibited foods

Chrono Diet: All you have to know about it – rules, menu, restriction period

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