Raw food diet for beginners: benefits, menu and experiences

How raw food affects health?

Even more than 100 years it was known that raw food has a medicinal effect on human body. But over time, the food industry has done its job and introduced a number of foods that checked harmful to people.

Nowadays, malignant diseases has become increasingly common. One of the main reasons for the development of any disease is poor diet. But there are natural ways to prevent and treat disease. Below, we introduce you to raw food effects on health, and how to prepare. Find out about the famous dishes, as well as the experiences related to this diet.

What exactly is a raw food diet?

If you are wondering how to clean the body of toxins in completely natural way – this is the right solution for you. Also raw food will help you eliminate excess weight, even if it has long been present. Forget exhausting and rigorous diet that starves immunity, because you will be eating raw food completely delight.

First of all, you need to know it is not some new-age trend, nor any modern innovation. Raw food actually has its origins back to the 19th century, when it was discovered that eating fresh apples effectively cures jaundice. Subsequently, further research showed that raw food improves the overall health of a person, so many people stopped cooking food.

During the heat treatment, food loses vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances that are important for our body. It is especially dangerous frying, because it means use of oil, so that practically does not bring anything good to the body. That is why cooked foods are known as dead and fresh food – alive.

Indeed so, because the raw diet gives a handful of enzymes that are the essence of life. The real indicators that point to the harmfulness of cooked and fried foods reflect on the outside and the inside. People today are getting fatter, especially in the stomach and hips. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are becoming increasingly common.

How to switch to raw food without consequences?

In general, the benefits of the raw diet are numerous. First of all, the first thing noticed of those who switched to this mode is that they felt much better. Why is it so? The reason is that raw food improves health, strengthens the immune system and detoxify the body.

An excellent example is the experience of those who have stopped eating meat and meat products. They noted how their behavior changed. They became more relaxed and do not show any signs of aggression as before. Moreover, many conclude that it can be used raw food as a cure for all, because it improves overall health.

It is essential, for starters, do not eat anything that is cooked either fried. It is prohibited more or less everything has been exposed to temperatures above 50° C (120° F). We have already stated what we lose by cooking foods and why raw food is the better choice. This simple guideline can be your guide.

The main benefits for health

The benefits are numerous. In this way relieves the digestive tract, stomach and it takes less time and effort to digest food. In addition, the introduction of more dietary fiber is done cleaning hoses and the liver from accumulated toxins. They are the main causes of many diseases.

Ultimately, the changes are noticeable from the outside – the skin is cleaner, no pimple no stains. Hair is shinier and healthier.

Raw food is used as a cure against severe disease. In the first place, diseases related to the heart and blood vessels. You enter only the essential vitamins and minerals, but not harmful fats and additives. Furthermore, many people got rid of allergies, hormonal disorders; a great advantage for women is what relieves PMS.

There are testimonies and evidence of successfully treating cancer using raw food. Nowadays this sounds really encouraging.

The menu of raw food diet

In this diet you can feel free to be imaginative and make food the way you want. Of course, it is necessary to comply with all the basic rules and principles.

In particular, it should be noted that the combination of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can make the healthiest juices. It’s all up to you and your choice. Select the quantity and flavor that you like and enjoy healthy drinks full of vitamins and minerals. Thus prepared juice you can drink during the day and between meals. Thanks to this, you will have the ideal weight, without the need for strenuous exercise and even exhausting diets.

If your choice is fresh food, the menu of the day should include:

Breakfast: 4 tablespoons grain barley grind with some nuts, one banana and apple. With it you can drink mixed fruit smoothie or a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Brunch: some sunflower seeds or any fresh fruit.

Lunch: gazpacho, vegetable soup or cream soup of broccoli.

Afternoon snack: some nuts, if desired, or fresh fruit salad.

Dinner: crackers of wild garlic with spread of chickpeas.

As you can see fresh food represents freedom in every sense. We give you just an example of a one-day menu, which can be upgraded further. You are free from calorie counting, measuring and templates.

The only rule is that first meal should be lighter fruit, based on nuts. You dose how, when and what to eat. The most important rule is: do not eat anything cooked.

Experiences with fresh food diet

Nowadays a growing number of those who are faced with the consequences of modern life. First of all, to the problems of medical nature, then obesity, stress and often depression. Therefore, many are happy to turn a new leaf and begin to acquire new habits. When it comes to raw food, the experiences of people are mostly positive.

It is widely known case of Boutenko family whose members suffered from many chronic diseases. They found the cure in the diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, with a regular and moderate physical activity. Even today their choice is fresh food, happy to share the experience with other people and public advocate turning nature.

Also other people who have switched to this mode got the same opinion. So we recommend a confession of Carla (34) that found out what raw food is and what are the health benefits. She witnesses that she is now full of energy, serenity and no more mood swings with which previously faced.

Raw food gave amazing results to a large number of people treating cancer. Their experiences are almost identical, because they all felt a sudden surge of energy. The body is strengthened and cancer is gradually withdrawing. With help of raw food, many of them successfully undergone chemotherapy, with not even a little weakened.

Disadvantages and shortcomings of the raw diet

As nothing is perfect, so fresh food does not correspond to each of us individually. The major disadvantage is usually lack of vitamin B12 and D. Sometimes the body is missing minerals such as iron and zinc. In this case, you should use supplements.

When the body does not get enough protein (animal) often we lack calcium. In addition to supplementation, certain food is rich in it. The raw food diet during pregnancy is not recommended, as well as for nursing mothers and young children.

Also, raw food contains calories in a small amount, and this may adversely affect the general condition of the body. Can cause the malnutrition and weakness of the entire body.

The story of the cooked carrots and tomatoes

Raw food, thermally unprocessed, keeps the most important ingredients. However, this does not apply for all nutrients. Carrots and tomatoes are real examples. Our body accepts beta carotene and lycopene much better from cooked carrots and tomatoes. A similar scenario is with the iron of plant origin.

Other important guidelines and notes

As you can see, the road to health is not easy, because it requires a lot of discipline, self-control and prudence. Raw foods will help you feel great, but at the same time you feel a surge of energy like never before. And it’s all thanks to what nature gave us for the unconditional use.

The general advice for all is mandatory counseling with your doctor before you start with this regime. Be sure not to start anything on your own, especially without results of blood controls.

Foods that you should avoid if you want to switch to this diet include beans, potatoes, parsnip, buckwheat and mushrooms. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to consume any products that have been dyed, treated with pesticides and preservatives.

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