Beautiful hair like in women in India! Find out their secret!

Indian women are known for their nice, long, healthy and shiny hair. One of the most recognizable symbols of the beauty of the Indian women is beautiful hair that women traditionally tied in a braid. And also, for special occasions, they bind decorative chains and ribbons in hair.

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive in India are women in clothes of vibrant colors. But also with long hair bound in a braid. Their beauty further highlights the beautiful jewelry (many bracelets, rings, heavy earrings and necklaces, decoration in the middle of the forehead, red spot on middle of the forehead, anklets and rings on toes). Hair that is now used worldwide to upgrade, comes from India.

What is the secret of their healthy, long and beautiful hair?

Indian women don’t use (or rarely use), a hair dryer. Given that in most parts of India sunny weather all year round, and in winter the temperature does not fall below zero or snowing, Indian women dry their hair naturally in the sun.

Most traditional women in India dye hair with henna (natural, herbal hair color). Henna does not damage the hair, but on the contrary, nourishes the hair, giving it shine and strengthens hair roots, unlike the industrial hair colors.

Since in India nutrition is mainly vegetarian, Indian women take in a lot of vitamins and minerals; which are essential for hair health. The Indian diet is based on a large amount of various fruits and vegetables, and whole grains (in India bread is made from whole wheat flour, while white flour is not popular).

Oils for beautiful hair

Indian women for hair care do not use conditioners, lotions for the care of split ends, medical shampoos, emulsions, capsules …  The main hair care asset in India is hair oil. After each shampooing, they use the hair oil, which nourishes the hair and hair roots. The most popular hair oils are the oil of Indian Gooseberry, or Amla (green fruit, rich in vitamin C, and antioxidants), cocoa and almond oil.

These oils nourish the hair, giving it shine, enriched root and provide a natural protection from the sun. For intensive care, apply the hair oil in the morning and leave to work during the day.

Olive oil is also an excellent remedy for hair care, and is also available in all countries. Almond oil and coconut oil are also available in better-equipped shops (if you need an intensive hair care). With the addition of a few drops of essential oil of rose, jasmine or lavender, your hair will smell wonderful.

If you want to give shine to the hair, or as part of the daily hair care, after shampooing, rub ten drops of oil (rubbed between the palms). If you want an intensive hair care, massage into the hair roots and the hair a rich amount of oil and leave on the hair during the day. Then rinse thoroughly.

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