Soothing foods will calm you in stressful situations better than sweets

After a stressful day of work or events, tranquilizers can be found in healthy food which will supply you with essential vitamins and minerals. Instead of sweets, eat some soothing foods. Berries, nuts, oranges and asparagus are excellent allies in the struggle with stress.

In stressful situations, many of us are seeking solace in food. Sweets are, of course, the greatest temptation. However, after the candy eaten blood sugar rapidly rises, but very soon lowers, and at the same time releasing the stress hormone. That’s why you often feel worse. But still, food that soothes really exists and, best of all, really works.

Berries as soothing foods

Instead of reaching for some candy in critical moments, rather eat blueberries, cranberries, currants, raspberries, strawberries … Carbohydrate in berries have a low glycemic index, and the blood sugar level thus rises rather slowly. This will avoid sudden changes in energy levels and mood. In addition, it is a fruit rich in vitamin C, which is also a great ally that copes with the stress.


Only a handful of nuts will satisfy your daily need for vitamin B complex (nuts), zinc (Brazil nuts), vitamin E (almonds). This help fights the cell damage which is closely linked to chronic stress. Avoid salted nuts and almonds, or those that are fried in oil. Clogged nuts will help, among other things, to get rid of negative energy with every shake of cutters shell.


Persons who daily take in enough of vitamin C have lower levels of cortisol, as well as lower blood pressure than those who do not. Therefore, the recommendation is consumption of at least one orange daily. Besides that you will ingest enough vitamin C, peeling an orange will at least briefly relax you.


Stalks of asparagus are a great source of folic acid and natural remedy for moodiness. To get rid of accumulated stress, dip asparagus in yogurt or sour cream, and thus ensure to the body the necessary dose of calcium.

Dark chocolate

Although not scientifically substantiated that chocolate reduces stress in stressful situations, yet often we reach for this “sweet consolation.” But instead of plain milk chocolate rather choose the dark that has at least 70 percent cocoa. Dark chocolate, rich in flavonoids, antioxidants from the fruit of the cacao tree, helps to fight cancer and diseases of the heart and circulatory system. Also lowers blood pressure without causing damage to body weight, blood plasma or sugar.

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