Ingredient number one to get rid of greasy hair! All you have to do is try!

Ingredient number one to get rid of greasy hair! All you have to do is try! Although the market today offers a countless types of shampoo designed for all hair types and scalp, more and more women are turning to organic products. Often resort to their grandmother’s recipes to make their hair radiant and healthy.

Certainly the number one ingredient for this kind of homemade shampoo is baking powder. Its biggest advantage is that in the moment you solve dandruff and various impurities; that result from the influence of all kinds of chemicals you apply daily on your hair.

Recipe for shampoo with number one ingredient for greasy hair

Shampoo of baking powder is particularly recommended for people who have problems with greasy scalp, as this ingredient dries. All you need to do to prepare your organic shampoo is to mix half pack of baking powder with three cups of water. This mixture will be enough for a few washes, and you can keep in a plastic bottle.

If you prefer to prepare each time a new mixture, mix just one spoonful of baking powder and a cup of water. Shake the mixture well before use. Then apply on the scalp so that literally rub the mixture with fingers like a massage. Once you have applied your homemade shampoo, rinse the baking powder with half a cup of apple cider vinegar. If it seems that the smell of vinegar was too strong, you can mix a tablespoon of vinegar and a cup of water and rinse your scalp.

You may notice that your hair maybe react a little strange at first to this combination of baking powder and vinegar. But don’t worry all will be well after a few days. It’s about your commercial shampoo. Because of the chemicals it contains, has destroyed one layer of your scalp, which is responsible for the natural oils that nourish the hair. Also, if you were so far washed your hair every day, don’t do it any more. No matter whether you use natural or commercial shampoo. Washing your hair every other day will help keep your hair and scalp healthy.


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