Worst enemies of beauty! These things you shouldn’t do ever!

Most of us must admit that we’re sometimes really indifferent to our beauty. So we blame ourselves for a look that is consequence of this negligence. We present the worst and common faults that we make when it comes to beauty.

Squeezing pimples

How many times have you heard a warning to not squeeze pimples, as they will thus get even worse? Interestingly, it was not completely inaccurate. By squeezing a pimple infection continues to spread. It is possible that in this area will appear a few new of them. It will be easier to heal a pimple if we do not touch. However, if the accident happens that you have to “solve” this, do not touch it with hands, but press with cotton pad or paper, and then clean the face with lotion. But it’s better to stay consistent in fight against one of the worst enemies of beauty.

Sleeping with makeup

You were too tired to clean your face, and you just fell on bed. While at that moment it seemed as irrelevant or innocent little sin, the consequences will be seen later. The night is a time when the skin is recovering and for this reason it is essential that you remove makeup. The consequences of sleeping with makeup on are clogged pores and acne. Therefore, at least take a handkerchief for wiping the makeup, go to bed and wipe the face couple of times before you fall asleep.


Although solarium is one of the more dangerous treatments, people still regularly visit. In addition to excessive use of tanning does not look very nice, constantly warning that is not very healthy should influence to fall in love with your natural complexion. Frequent indoor tanning dries out your skin, and so dehydrated actually becomes “dangerous volcano” that threatens to erupt every now and then.


Refrain from excessive peeling treatment because that way you peel the top layer of skin, and leave young skin at the mercy of the weather and preparations. In this way, young skin quickly becomes old. Therefore, in winter practice peeling only once a week, and in summer up to three times.

Wrong products

If your friend fits a certain beauty product, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to make a miracle for you. On the contrary, it may be the total failure for you. Also, more expensive product does not mean necessarily it is better. Therefore, take a few testers before you buy the product. It is important to know that certain products match your skin depending on the seasons and your current emotional and physical states.

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