Reheating food: Carefully, some foods become toxic if you reheat them!

Sometimes we like leftovers more than freshly prepared meal. For example, when we’re in a hurry it’s the best to grab something from the fridge and reheat it. But what about all those talks that reheating makes food unhealthy?! You probably wonder if there is any truth. Well, we reveal it for you.

Some foods are safe to eat after reheating, while other become dangerous and may cause health problems. Hard to believe, but even some otherwise healthy foods, when heat up, pose a threat to our body. Here we present a list of foods that should not be reheated.

Reheating food: Carefully, some foods become toxic if you reheat them!


Reheated spinach should never eat. You should eat it only after preparing. The reason for this are the nitrates from spinach. When you heat up, nitrates in spinach converts to nitrite which makes it carcinogenic.


Celery is mostly used in soups. As with spinach, celery also contains nitrates that after reheating converts to nitrite. You should eat the soup after cooking or remove celery from it before heating up. The same rule applies to carrots.


Beets also contain nitrates, and if reheated can be hazardous to health.


Potatoes are very useful because contain many ingredients that are healthy. However, all healthy ingredients are lost if these foods are not eaten when prepared. If you eat the next day or heat up, potatoes are dangerous to health.


Reheated boiled and baked eggs can be deadly to your body, so do never heat up these.


Chicken is extremely dangerous if eaten day after preparation. It can lead to problems in the digestive tract because the protein structure will change in eating day after cooking. This is worrying because the chicken has a lot more protein than red meat. The chicken should be consumed cold. If you really must heat up this chicken, do it longer at a low temperature.


Reheated mushrooms pose the greatest risk to health. They should be eaten only after cooking or eaten cold the next day. If you eat reheated mushrooms you are putting yourself at risk of digestive and heart problems.

You must be careful with the remains of food that you put in the oven or microwave. In order to avoid potential health problems, avoid reheating foods from this list.

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