Energy bars – Excellent recipe from only 3 ingredients!

These energy bars you must try! Especially you, who strictly watch the intake of sweet, that is very much lacking. These bars are so delicious, they can almost pass as sweets. Preparation is as simple as can be. And ingredients that recipe requires, except that are healthy, they are great allies in the battle for the ‘fit’ body.

Definitely better and more cost-effective solution than purchasing energy bars from stores!

Here in the recipe go raisins, almonds and dates. Almonds and dates are basic ingredients, while raisins can substitute other dried fruit (such as cranberries). Also, if you like, to the recipe mixture you can add cinnamon, cocoa, and pieces of dark chocolate or coconut.

About ingredients

Nibbling raisins controls hunger and promotes satiety, Canadian scientists announced. Thus preventing the excessive calorie intake and increases satiety. So that makes raisins a precious ingredient of energy bars.

Except that can lower bad cholesterol, almonds are great foods if you take care of your figure. Also reduce the desire for food, and build muscles.

Dates represent the ideal snack to provide enough energy for the rest of the day. Because of the broad content of essential nutrients, and potential positive effects on health, dates may be considered as the healthiest fruit on earth!

Preparation of Energy Bars

Ingredients that you need in the same amounts:

  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Raisins

As we have already said, the preparation of these energy bars is very simple. All three ingredients in the same quantities, place in a blender and let it work for about 30 seconds.

Then pour the mixture onto a plastic foil and shape as desired. Here we shaped bars, but you can also shape the balls, if desired.

Energy bars - Excellent recipe from only 3 ingredients!

Refrigerate the bars, and don’t worry about the expiration date, because they can last up to several weeks.

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