Natural recipes for beauty from all around the World

Before you spend money on expensive preparations, creams and masks better try the old natural recipes. For some of us they helped the most!

How many times did you try out quite a few different preparations for care? But you were only satisfied with some homemade that recommended your grandmother, mother, aunt? It’s interesting that absolutely everywhere in the world women in their “beauty” routine introduce a similar traditional wisdom; depending on where they live and the foods that are available to them.

We present you some of the most efficient natural “beauty” treatments from all around the World.

Natural recipes for beauty from all around the World

Natural recipes for Hair Care

Hair Care in Australian way

If you want to get rid of dandruff, add eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil in the shampoo you normally use. Just a few drops will help, say Australian natives.

The secret of beautiful hair of Indian women

Dense, shiny, solid… so we can go on forever. You too can have such a quality hair. The secret is in coconut oil. Warm it up and rub the scalp weekly. Just try it. Rub oil in the evening, leave overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Natural recipes for Facial Care

Spanish recipe to remove dark circles

With the help of tomatoes you can solve the dark circles around the eyes. Place the thinly sliced tomatoes over the eyes and skin will became brighter.

Italian recipe for sexy, soft lips

Cheap and efficient. Also in other Mediterranean countries, women have been found out that with the help of olive oil lips can be sexy. Rub a few drops on the delicate skin of the lips. Olive oil will nourish and make lips glossy. Olive oil is good for the skin in general. So if you have problems with dryness, irritation or sunburn, apply olive oil.

Scandinavian Facial Care

Women from Scandinavia have incredible skin. They, in addition to drink plenty of spring water, also wash their faces. They say that helps moisturize and effectively removes puffiness. The water should be ice cold. Apparently the best is to swash face up to 20 times.

Natural body treatments

Beauty from Japan

Camellia oil! With it you can, if believe the traditional “beauty” techniques from the Far East, to solve wrinkles, strengthen skin and nails, feed and rejuvenate hair and even alleviate burns.

Brazilian anti-cellulite treatment

Brazilians sit on the sand and rub the body. It stimulates the skin and circulation. In a country with such sand beaches why should go to a beauty salon.

Anti-age in Chinese way

Women in China drink white tea for anti-aging. They grow old in majestic manner by drinking white tea that helps protect the skin from free radicals.

Energy bomb from Zimbabwe

Maybe this doesn’t seem to belong in the category Beauty treatment, but doesn’t beauty come from the inside? When women in Zimbabwe feel they need extra doses of energy, instead of an artificial energy drink, they drink hot tea with lemon. In addition to the power they get from it, hot tea has cleansing effect. So do not drink the tea only when you catch a cold, but when you need extra energy, also.

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