Fertility: Which Herbal Tea Does Improve Possibility of Conception?

It’s no secret that couples these days have increasing problems with fertility. Stressful life, long working hours and bad eating habits create difficulties conceiving. A key part of reproductive health is to eat real food for promoting fertility. Less known fact is that some herbs can play a major role in improving fertility.

Often the path to pregnancy seems like a very strenuous, lengthy process. The decision and the thought of having a baby are filled with joy and wonder. If there is an infertility problem, it’s a big load, stress and a sense of depression in woman who wants child.

Modern fertility treatments are sometimes complicated and too expensive. But with the help of nature, plants and herbal teas may come to the moment you cannot wait.

The best teas for fertilityFertility: Which Herbal Tea Does Improve Possibility of Conception?

Tea of nettle leaves is one of the pleasant beverages for improving fertility. Nettle tea is not only nourishes the uterus, but also strengthens the kidneys and adrenal glands. Two, or even more cups of nettle tea a day is the right way of preparing a woman’s body for pregnancy and conception. Nettle tea has a high content of vitamin K, as well as vitamins A, C and D, which are very good in preparation for pregnancy.

Note: It’s important to know that some herbs are very effective in preparing the body for conceiving. But when it comes to pregnancy always consult doctor before start using them, because they heal by increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs. On one hand it’s good for conceiving, but on the other hand can affect pregnancy causing the uterine contractions.

Fertility: Which Herbal Tea Does Improve Possibility of Conception? Red clover is an excellent herb for fertility, because of the large amounts of calcium and magnesium. These two minerals are of great importance and influence a woman’s ability to get pregnant. This herb is most effective for balancing the hormones necessary for conception.

For tea preparation, take 1 tablespoon of dried red clover and 1 teaspoon of dried mint leaves; let it rest for about 4 hours in one cup of warm filtered water. Then strain the tea and drink during the day.

Fertility: Which Herbal Tea Does Improve Possibility of Conception? Raspberry leaves are highly effective for fertility. As nettle and red clover, raspberry leaf has a lot of vitamins, minerals, A, B complex, C and E vitamins, as well as phosphorus and potassium. Raspberry leaves tea increases fertility in both men and women. Tea works in the womb, and some herbalists say that this tea can prevent miscarriage. Raspberry leaves also can reduce morning sickness. For better taste you can use both fruit and leaves.

Other natural products

Fertility: Which Herbal Tea Does Improve Possibility of Conception? Maca (Lepidium meyenii) can improve both male and female fertility. Maca root increases fertility, energy levels, promotes vitality and sexual potency. The most commonly used Maca powder can be added to soups, drinks, milkshakes and other drinks. The powder was also available in the form of a capsule. However, the capsules are more expensive than the powder and available at certain pharmacies. For optimal results you should take Maka regularly.

Fertility: Which Herbal Tea Does Improve Possibility of Conception? Vitex agnus-castus known as chaste tree or vitex is used for centuries in Europe for gynecological problems. Research shows that it works on the pituitary gland in the brain to balance hormones and ovulation. Chaste tree helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and therefore can be helpful for women with irregular cycles.

Women who suffer from infertility and lack of menstruation can take vitex 12 to 18 months, unless pregnancy occurs during treatment. For best results, use a capsule or tincture. You can drink tea of chaste berries but is quite bitter; it’s best to use it mixed with other plants. Take one in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. You shouldn’t use Vitex  at the same time with hormone therapy.

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