Cheeseburger that will thrill you! With or without bun – it’s low carb!

You’re eating low-carb and think ‘big NO to cheeseburger’?! Well no, in fact it’s big YES! You just need the right recipe. Yes, it’s about homemade cheeseburger that you’ll make controlling the all ingredients you’re putting in. Those fast food cheeseburgers you can buy are full of additives and added flavors. Sometimes even meat is not meat; not to mention that certainly it’s not low in carb.

So if you’re fan of burgers here is your new favorite recipe. This is a meal that you’ll never get tired of. I know I won’t!

Low-carb Cheeseburger

This recipe is for burgers without the bun, with some cheese and served with raw spinach. But as I previously published Swedish Breakfast Buns (low-carb version), you can use it and make real cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger that will thrill you! With or without bun – it’s low carb!

Ingredients that you need:

  • few tablespoons of butter
  • burgers
  • cheddar cheese (few slices per burger)
  • cream cheese (one teaspoon per burger)
  • salsa
  • spices to taste
  • spinach

You can purchase the amount of ingredients that you want. It depends on how many cheeseburgers you’re making, or how many burgers you have. Of course, burgers are homemade of minced meat, and meat can be pork, beef or combined. I prefer combined meat for burgers, because beef is leaner so pork will provide greasiness I like.

Preparation: At first, prepare your burgers. Mix the minced meat with spices to taste and shape the burgers.  Then put butter on pan and turn up the medium heat. Add spiced burgers in pan, and flip until close to being ready.

Then add a few slices of cheddar and one teaspoon of cream cheese on top. Turn down the heat and put a lid on the pan until the cheese melts.

Serve with some spinach. Also you can pour some of the fat from the pan on top of the spinach. And to make the burgers even juicier, add some salsa on top.

If you’re preparing it for takeaway, just place cheeseburger into your low-carb bun. Enjoy the perfect taste!


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