Flat stomach with a few tips! No exercise and diets!

If you’re not fan of diets or exercise, but would love to have flat stomach, just follow next tips and tricks.

Indigestion as number one enemy of flat stomach

Lot of people suffer because of their swelled stomach. When food remains longer in the intestine, it comes to a boil and produce gases that increase the volume of the stomach.

One of the tips on how you can boost digestion is that you lie on your back half an hour after eating; bend your legs at the knees, and then five minutes, lightly tapping your stomach. First press stomach with your fingertips from the navel to the left and right sides, and then tap the stomach with your palms.

Poor posture

Proper posture does wonders for your stomach! Stand in front of the mirror with back straight and shoulders remote back and you’ll see that the proper posture tightens the stomach. The effect is twofold because when you retract the stomach, automatically look slimmer.

Repeat this several times a day, trying to stay in this position for a few seconds, so you’ll strengthen the muscles. Just two weeks and you’ll get your flat stomach.

Flat stomach with a few tips and tricks! No exercise and diets!

Right selection of dishes and proper schedule meals

Recent studies have shown that a person eats less if using blue dishes. It’s because blue color of dishes dampens the hunger.

It is logical that stomach is gaining volume during the day. But if it’s swollen from early morning, then you should blame the evening. Overnight digestion is slow. And especially difficult is digestion of foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, thus falling hard on the stomach. Therefore, eat a salad and raw fruit and vegetables only until 5 p.m.

The heat reduces the volume of the stomach

Thermal therapy ejects the excess fluid from the body and quickly reduces the volume of the stomach. Rub a little anti-cellulite lotion on your stomach, wrap the waist with plastic foil and leave on for 15 minutes. Two weeks of these in combination with previously said and you’ll get your flat stomach.

Do you eat slowly enough?

Eating should not be rushed. If you swallow quickly and at the same time talk, for sure you’ll have problems with digestion. It’s because a huge amount of oxygen swells the stomach. Therefore, you should chew well each bit. You’ll eat less before get satiated and your stomach will be flatter.

For flat stomach eat foods against water retention

Although eating little and moving a lot, you cannot get rid of layers on the stomach. It’s because of the salt in your body that binds water and, consequently, water is inflating tissue. So don’t overdo it with this spice and whenever you can, replace it with herbs. Moderately consume cheese, processed meats and olives.

The miraculous water bath!

Immerse yourself in the bath every night. You’ll relax fantastically but also working on your body figure.

Make a mixture of six drops of lemon juice, two drops of olive oil and two tablespoons of sour cream. Then deliver the mixture into water. Stay in the bath for twenty minutes. The water temperature should be 38 degrees. This bath stimulates circulation and tightens the skin.

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