Excess skin after weight loss! Get rid of it easily!

After losing large amounts of excess weight we have a problem with excess skin that remains on the body; primarily in the chest and abdomen. It is rarely spoken about it but is very important to be completely withdrawn.

Skin is the most flexible organ of the human body. Different parts of the skin are made up of different cells. For example, while the epidermis (outer layer of skin) constantly consumes and regenerates new skin, parts of the skin below the epidermis are much more durable and harder and slower to regenerate. The layers of skin known as the dermis and sub-dermis are made of elastic tissue fibers, blood vessels and other components that can stretch and shorten depending on their quality and the needs of the tissue beneath.

When we talk about obesity, skin elasticity significantly depends on how much time a person was obese. In fact, it is harder to pull the skin in people who have been overweight all their life, and cases where someone was significantly fat in a shorter period of time.

But do not despair! There are some tips to tighten the excess skin hanging on the body.

Try losing weight slowly

All fast diets mean that in a very short period of time lose a lot of weight, both fat loss and loss of muscle tissue. The result is a large amount of loose skin that has lost its supportive muscle structure that holds the skin on the body and the body fat that stretched skin.

Try to maintain a loss of about 2 pounds a week to keep your skin adjusted to the melting of fat tissue and to better preserve muscle.

Take enough fluids

Water is a key component in maintaining skin elasticity. Out of fluids and food, the average person should have daily intake of at least 4 ½ pints of fluid.

Increase muscle mass so wouldn’t have excess skin

Building muscle is a very good way of how you can tighten up the accumulated excess skin after loss a lot of weight. Specifically, under the skin, there are two types of tissue: fat and muscle. Both have the same task – keep skin taut and prevent loosening up.

When you accumulate excess weight, skin must be stretched significantly in order to adjust to the increase in physical volume. When you lose excess pounds, especially when it happens very quickly, the skin is unlikely to collect the same speed to lose weight. This imbalance leads to excess skin, especially in places where it lost the most body fat.

Excess skin after weight loss! Now you can get rid of it easily!

Building muscle mass is a solution because the increase in muscle tissue will “fill in” the gaps where it was the fat before. Body gets tighter, the heavy and healthier appearance. We recommend this tip for those who have already lost large amounts of excess weight; but also those who are just starting the diet, but the goal is melting excess fat. So, the goal is always melting the fat tissue, but with preservation of muscle.

Improve skin elasticity

Skin elasticity is the ability to expand and contract according to the needs. If your skin loses elasticity, it cannot go back to the appropriate condition, after the loss of excess weight. This occurs naturally with aging. But in the case of loss of large amounts of excess weight, is present in all age groups. But there are habits that affect the elasticity of the skin. So it is possible to improve it by following the next tips.

Stop smoking

If you’ve never had a reason to stop smoking, then this is the right moment! A study conducted by scientists at the International Association of Ecologic Dermatology, during which participants analyzed the skin of smokers, showed that smokers have an average of 9 years older skin than their biological age.

Eat enough protein

Scientists have confirmed the correlation between protein intake and youthfulness of the skin and health. Foods with low protein content couses a worse quality of the skin. But also frequent skin problems and diseases, than cases of a diet rich in protein. This is particularly evident during the diet: high protein diet reduces wrinkles, dry skin and freckles, and other atrophy.

Eat fruits and vegetables

The body needs a wide range of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain millions of biological processes that keep us alive and healthy. Entering a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables every day is the only sure way to supply the body with all the necessary micronutrients.

When talking about the specifics of the skin, a series of studies have shown that regular intake of fruit and vegetables has a significant positive impact on the health and youthfulness of the skin.

Fish oil in nutrition against excess skin

Among a number of health benefits of the fish oil is present skin elasticity. Significant improvements are evident after 3 months of regular intake of fish oil. High-quality fish oil is one of the best supplements. So be sure to consider the purchase of quality oil; not only for the health of the skin, but all his other benefits.

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