Lose weight with chocolate diet

If you wonder – yes, it is possible to lose weight with this sweet chocolate diet. Eat chocolate, lose a few pounds excess and look younger. Also this diet helps to reduce wrinkles. Chocolate diet is intended for those who do not want to give up sweets, but want to lose weight.

You should only apply seven-day diet plan, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus one sweet and one salty snack each day.

Lose weight with chocolate diet

During chocolate diet, drink at least eight glasses of fluid a day – water, tea and coffee with skim milk. The alcohol in this diet is not allowed. It is recommended at least 30 minutes of walking every day.

Repeat this menu for four weeks and you can lose up to 15 pounds.

Chocolate diet: 7 days diet plan


Breakfast should contain 30 g chocolate flakes with skim milk and one fruit. Then for Lunch take a slice of whole grain bread with one tablespoon of low-fat salty cream. Also, ½ chopped avocado, two pinches of pine nuts and mixed salad.

Your Dinner should consist of 150 g tofu, green beans, cabbage and an onion. Then season that with pepper. Add mushrooms, sautéed in a pan on a bit of olive oil and (add a little water if necessary) and soy sauce to taste. Serve with 50 g (dry weight) of whole grain pasta.


Eat for Breakfast 1 boiled egg and two slices of whole grain toasted bread. For Lunch take any soup (not creamy) and two slices of whole grain bread with chocolate creamDinner contains tuna salad with a mix made from a canned mixed beans, tomatoes, lettuce and onions.


For Breakfast eat 1 bag of chocolate oatmeal with skim milk and an apple. Your Lunch will contain 25 g fresh cheese, 4 slices of ham, tomatoes, cucumber, celery and a few leaves of lettuce. These all ingredients finely chopped and mixed like salad. Then take one chocolate banana (after previous salad).

For Dinner eat 4 slices of grilled chicken meat and 2 potatoes, medium-size. That with green vegetables (raw, steamed, boiled or grilled), amount by choice. After dinner take one pear.

Other half of week


Breakfast consists of fruit salad, made from not more than three different fruits and one cup of low-fat yogurt or kefir. For Lunch eat whole grain croissant, one hot dog, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and ketchup. Eat for Dinner cooked meal (not more than 350 calories). After that you can have one row of dark chocolate for dessert.


For Breakfast you can have two slices of whole grain toasted bread and chocolate cream. Eat for Lunch omelet  from two eggs, 20 g low-fat cheese and a handful of spinach prepared in very little oil. Serve with lettuce. Then for dessert take one chocolate bar by choice.

Dinner will contain roast chicken breast and a couple of tablespoons of puree. From vegetables take broccoli and green beans. After salty diner eat one apple and then one tablespoon of chocolate cream as dessert.


For Breakfast eat donut with chocolate. Then for Lunch take potatoes in the shell; a couple of tablespoons of beans and lettuceDinner should consist of baked cod fish, 2 potatoes (medium size) and cabbage salad.


Breakfast contains smoothie of one banana and one glass skimmed milk. After that take one apple. For Lunch eat cooked meal (not more than 350 calories). Then take one chocolate bar by choice as dessert.

For Dinner eat one can of beans; a can of tomato puree; one onion, chopped; one small zucchini, chopped. Season it with salt and pepper to taste. Then add 2 tablespoons of sweet corn. Cook these ingredients until softened. Serve with ½ cup cooked brown rice.

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