Food that is killing your intelligence

Consuming some foods, slowly but surely, is killing your intelligence. This food has devastating effect upon the function of the brain. So nutritionists advise that you consume it moderate to limit the negative impact.

List of foods that will slowly but surely kill your intelligence

Sugary products and artificial sweeteners

Long-term consumption of sugar can create neurological problems and impair the ability of memory. It reduces the ability to learn.

Researchers have linked increased consumption of sugar with an increased risk of depression, and the worst result can be schizophrenia. Sugar is also the root of chronic inflammation affecting the decline in immunity, brain function and other organs. Experts associate this with depression. It is interesting that the highest levels of depression have a country which recorded the highest consumption of sugar.

Sugar can cause blurred vision, difficulty concentrating. It can all be characterized as a panic attack that is; heightened sense of fear or worry. It can make even more unpleasant feeling of anxiety. Diet and ejection of sugar will not cure anxiety, but it can lessen the symptoms; recharge your energy and improve the body’s ability to cope with stress.

Food that is killing your intelligence

Sweeteners have fewer calories, but they can do more harm than good. If used for a long time, can cause brain damage and affect cognitive abilities.

Fast Food and Fried foods

Fast food can change the chemicals in your brain and affects the production of dopamine, an important hormone that promotes feelings of happiness and general well-being. Moreover, dopamine affects cognitive function, learning ability, alertness, motivation and memory.

Processed foods contain chemicals, dyes, additives, artificial flavors, preservatives and as such affects the behavior and cognitive function. It cause hyperactivity in children and adults and destroys nerve cells located in the brain. Sunflower oil is considered one of the most toxic.

 Processed proteins and trans-fats

The meat is the richest source of high quality protein, but avoid processed foods such as hot dogs, salami, sausages and the like. In contrast to the natural proteins that promote nervous system, processed proteins do the opposite.

Trans-fats are bad for the brain making it lazy, and affect reflexes and ability to respond. These fats increase the risk of stroke and eventually damage the arteries. Also lead to shrinkage of the brain as well as in Alzheimer’s disease.

Other foods and ingrediets

Too salty food. High levels of salt affect cognitive function and decrease thinking ability, and therefore intelligence.

Nicotine is not a food product, but it is important to mention that destroys the brain by restricting blood flow to the brain.

Long term excessive drinking of alcohol harms the liver and causes “foggy brain”. It is the feeling of mental confusion due to which you cannot think straight.

If you regularly consume refined grains and products made from white flour you are in problem. You risk faster aging process, loss of memory and also “foggy brain”.

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