Defend yourselves against mosquitoes

Defend yourselves against mosquitoes by using natural resources. There are more economical, even healthier ways of protection against winged enemies. Here are a few suggestions.

The combination of natural herbs offers safe protection which you can create by yourselves. There is aromatherapy, which has a safe, smelling solution that can protect you from mosquitoes and other insects. Aroma therapists propose several mixtures to protect the skin and your home area. Warning: the same mixtures are not equally good for both children and adults. Moreover, children under two years should not be treated by aromatherapy resources.

Defend yourselves against mosquitoes

Protection for adults

In 50 milliliters base (which can be neutral lotion or olive, sunflower, almond, sesame oil) mix:

  • Ten drops of geranium essential oil,
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil and
  • drops of tea tree essential oil – 10.

Apply the mixture on the exposed skin.

Protection for children over five years

  • Three drops of geranium essential oil,
  • four drops of lavender essential oil and
  • three drops of tea tree essential oil.

Mix in 50 milliliters of base and lubricate the exposed parts of the skin of a child before going outside or both during the stay in the home if the room filled with mosquitoes.

Protection for children between two and five years

In 50 milliliters base put a drop of geranium, two drops of lavender and one drop of tea tree essential oil. Stir and rub it on the skin.

Protection for rooms filled with mosquitoes

In diffuser with 30 ml of water add:

  • five drops of citronella or lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops of lemon grass essential oil and
  • five drops of essential oil of mint.

Stir the mixture and spray the room. It can also be incondensable in the evaporator and thus be protection from insects.

Protection from kitchen

Apple cider vinegar

If you do not mind the smell of strong cider vinegar, mix it with chopped parsley and then lubricate skin. An old recipe says if you drink three tsp vinegar daily, your skin will emit a smell that is available only to mosquitoes, so you will be protected. The same amount of water and vinegar put in a sprayer, and spray the walls around windows and doors.


If you rub the garlic to the skin, mosquitoes will surely flee from you. But so will anyone else and it might be safer to put a few cloves near the window.

Basil and vodka

Handful of fresh basil pours with half a cup of boiling water. Let stand for four hours and then strain. Add half a cup of vodka and put everything in a sprayer. Shake before use and apply to skin. But it is not recommendable for children.


Vanilla smell improves mood. But that is not valid for mosquitoes. If you apply to the skin a few drops of vanilla extract mixed with water, you will be able to safely enjoy outdoors during the summer nights.

Olive oil

If in your yard is the vessel with water for birds or pets, be sure that it will gather mosquitoes. Water attracts insects and therefore they are the most numerous near lakes, rivers and other water sources. So you do your yard unattractive. Finally, add a few drops of olive oil in a pan of water. Therefore, the oil will be seamlessly and it will reject mosquitoes out of your range.

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