How to avoid stomach bloating

Bloating? How to avoid? Simply, with us. After the holidays, most people have problem with stomach bloating. It’s difficult for our body to digest all these delicacies. You will probably notice that your pants or skirts are tight in stomach. After a binge, you should rest your digestive system, and these tips will be helpful in this.

How to avoid stomach bloating

Bloating? How to avoid?

Simply, with us. Reduce your intake of beans, onions, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower as these are the foods that produce gas. Instead, eat more apples, pears and melon because they are rich with pectin that hold a high level of fiber. Take probiotics and digestive enzymes that help maintain a high level of fiber. Take them to maintain intestinal balance. Also take more banana, kiwi and strawberries. They act as a diuretic and helps in expelling excess salt from the body.

Forget about chewing gum – they productions a bloating, and try with aloe   

Chewing gum contains ksiliton, sorbitol or mannitol and increases the production of gas in the digestive tract and produces bloating. Try to enter the aloe vera in the body or juice of this plant. It’s great for detoxification. Also it helps in the fight against bacteria and reduces internal inflammation.

Reduce intake of dairy products, because they lead to bloating

This is especially true for those people who are intolerant of lactose, which often causes bloating. Use alternatives such as coconut milk and yogurt. Try to avoid stress, because it causes the accumulation koritizola and adrenaline that cause flatulence. Or at least take the time to relax. Also, try less talking while you eat because you are taking so much air. That travels through the intestines and cause bloating.

Тake a probiotics

Thanks to the fact that probiotics affect the regulation of good bacteria in the intestines. Welding facilitates reducing the production of gases.

Reduce carbonated drinks.

Full of sugar, these drinks provide the body with empty calories – which is generally converted to fat . Also, they prevent taking the important nutrients – vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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