Lose weight while sleeping- Hibernation diet

With a spoon of honey, losing weight while you sleep. When they woke up the morning, after you dreamed that you lost weight overnight. You’d think that it would be great if it were possible. No child is using hibernation just to it could happen. We bring you a piece from the book “The hibernation diet” conceived by Mike McInnes and Stuart McInnes and who claim that they tablespoon of honey every evening to help you lose the extra pounds.

Consumes fat while you sleep with hibernation diet your dream can turn into reality

We’ll show you how to use the first four hours of sleep, so called Slow-dream to do exactly what you dreamed of. In the first four hours of sleep the deepest sleep, then your system recovery busiest night. You can convince your body to consume fat while you sleep, so you wake up not only thinner and in better shape, but also healthier. All your systems recovery functions better, to speed up your metabolism and fat more quickly, to reduce the secretion of hormones stress and better sleep. When soften the stress, your general mood and mental state will be much better. You’ll feel healthier and happier.

  • Ask yourself a few questions:
  • Is Waking regularly at night?
  • Are you sleeping restlessly?
  • You’re sweating at night?
  • Do you have heartburn at night?….

Facts :

If you’re on any of these questions answered in the affirmative, the reason might be hiding the fact that his liver did not give enough energy for the night, so you caused a tidal wave of stress hormones while you sleep. That is why you failed to enjoy the benefits it brings dream. These facts mean that you’ll wake up dehydrated, and your pituitary gland to recover, will not be able to do the repairs and you lose part of the bone. Your muscles will get weaker, blood pressure is higher than it should be and could feel a little sick, so you can’t be good for breakfast. Instead of wasting grease, renew muscles and bones, and preventing a production of stress hormones, you’re actually in negative territory with energy.

Your brain is working all night to reduce muscle and bone. The hibernation diet, we’ll show you how you maximize your potential for fat burning miracle during sleep.

How can you take advantage of real and natural benefit of a night of fasting (such as fasting animals in their dens) and how you will reduce the production of harmful hormones that cause a lot of problems and disease.

Golden rules

  1. Lean meat is good to eat three to four times a week. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll have in your diet to include higher amounts of soy and other alternative sources of protein.
  2. Fish is a great source because it contains almost no fat (other than those of quality in fish oil). It is easy to prepare and there are various types. Incredible is a rich source of protein, as well as a whole range of important vitamins and minerals. Do not boil and eat a combination of blue and white fish, or of fatty.
  3. Eggs are a convenient source of protein. Do not eat them too much of it as they can raise cholesterol levels. Twice to three times a week is enough. Carbohydrates should be eaten every day. Just watch that balance the resources, such as bread and pasta, with fruit containing fructose, vegetables and honey, to always have enough food for the brain.

Grocery shopping

And clear your kitchen shelves. Free yourself of foods that you know have no place in your future with the hibernation diet. Refer to the local shops in search of fresh, high-quality, ideally organically grown produce. You be able to start with a new diet. We will not stop you from leaving the Super market, or the check for the declaration and asks the freshest products. Do not buy any processed food full of colors and preservatives, because such things will not help you. Look for seasonal vegetables and fruit that is fresh and core.

If it is not the season of fruits and vegetables, probably grown in heated greenhouses for which loses much of the nutritional value. If it is near the market of any kind. There you will be able to find a fresher and cheaper products than in the supermarket. Buy larger amounts of fresh fruit, whatever type you like, but do not leave out the potatoes. Buy fish that looks really moist and fresh. Fish is far better if you buy at the local fish market than in the supermarket.


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